Surprise! Claire Danes is expecting another child.

By Stephanie Petit

The 39-year-old actress—who is already mom to 5-year-old son Cyrus Michael Christopher with husband Hugh Dancy—announced on The Howard Stern Show Wednesday that she’s “seriously preggo.”

“I’m deep into my second trimester,” she confessed, admitting that this was her official announcement.

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The topic came up while discussing Danes doing a nude scene in Homeland, and Stern said he would be self-conscious about his body in that position.

“Was this planned or are we having a surprise?” Stern asked.

“Yeah, this was planned,” she replied. “We’ve been wanting another kid for a while, and it happened.”

Danes said she was going to keep the sex of the baby a secret, joking that she could name the baby after Stern—“Howardina” if it’s a girl.

Danes—who wed English actor Dancy, 42, in 2009—opened up about some of the more fun aspects of parenting in January 2016, saying she channels her profession into getting goofy with her son.

“I just hang out with him and make dumb faces, which is what I do for a living anyway,” the My So-Called Life alum joked to E! News.

It took Danes herself a little while to get to a movie theater after the birth of her son, though. She added, “We took Cyrus to his first movie for his birthday in December, like a movie in the movie theater. We saw Peanuts and it was maybe my first movie that I saw in the theater since he was born.”

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