This is the most adorable thing you'll see all day.


Carrie Underwood is game for merging fitness time with family time, even if it means doing pull-ups at the playground. That recently meant fitting in a workout session with her husband Mike Fisher and their son Isaiah. In a series of photos that Underwood shared on Instagram, 2-year-old Isaiah appears to share his mom's love of fitness. In one photo, he uses resistance bands with his mom; in another, Isaiah and his dad do push-ups.

"My boys make workouts fun (and a bit less productive, but that's ok)! #staythepath" she captioned the pictures. (Follow Carrie's lead with this playground boot-camp circuit.)

The photos are the first workout post that Underwood has shared since her major injury in November. Underwood fell on the steps to her house, breaking her wrist and injuring her face. She underwent wrist surgery and received around 50 stitches in her face, but she has assured fans that she's doing well. Underwood hasn't been sharing many recent photos of herself since her accident, so let's hope her recent post is a sign that life is returning to normal for the singer. (Related: Carrie Underwood Cuts Herself Slack When She Misses a Workout—and You Should Too)

Extra family QT along with all the benefits of working out with a partner? Win-win.

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