That's not the luck of the Irish.

Instant Pot(R) Corned Beef Photos
Credit: Soup Loving Nicole

Though it's widely regarded as a decent excuse to imbibe Guinness and Jameson, any St. Patrick's Day should involve a little something to eat. And though the list of Irish staples known to the wider world may be short, you'd have to think that dishes involving corned beef are towards the top of the list. That's why a recent USDA recall couldn't really have come at a worse time. Specifically, the Food Safety and Inspection Service announced that Milky Way International Trading Corp is recalling just under 300,000 pounds of ready-to-eat canned corn beef. Yes, that's 150 tons of corned beef. 

According to the announcement, the issue seems to be that these cans of Ox & Palm brand corned beef bypass the proper inspection process. Specifically, FSIS says they discovered the problem after receiving "a tip from an industry representative indicating that corned beef product received from Milky Way did not undergo FSIS import reinspection."

The corned beef cans in question carry markings like "Australia Inspected" and the (mysterious?) number 39. They were imported between June 6 of 2020 and January 21 of 2021.

The good news is that this seems to be a more proactive measure as far as recalls go. There have yet to be any reported instances of illness associated with the uninspected corned beef, though that's no less of a reason for caution. Those who purchased a Ox & Palm can should either throw it away before consumption or else return it from whence it was purchased. 

The news is obviously a bit disappointing for anyone hoping to celebrate St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland with a little canned corned beef, but I'm sure you'll find other ways to make due. Maybe you'll just have to try your luck (of the Irish) making corned beef without the can

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