After coating Los Angeles in candy creations, the museum plans to open in Manhattan later this summer.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Candytopia Museum 1
Credit: Evan Link

Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory—with all its zany, otherworldly candy creations—might be the work of pure imagination, but a candy museum called Candytopia that launched in Los Angeles earlier this year is trying to make that fantasy land a reality. L.A. doesn't get all the goods, though. The pop-up museum, which is filled with dozens of installations all made from candy, just announced that it's bringing its sweets-themed world to Manhattan, where it will open later this summer.

Candytopia Museum 2
Credit: Mathew Tucciarone for Santa Monica Place

NYC is not short of food museums, and the Instagram-driven phenomenon just keeps growing. In October, the city is getting an immersive pizza museum, where guests can lounge on a “pizza beach” and learn about the history of the pizza. The Egg House was a thing that came and went earlier this spring in Manhattan's lower east side. And The Sugar Factory is opening in the first ever Museum of Candy in New York City this summer as well—watch out Candytopia.

Candytopia Museum 3
Credit: Mathew Tucciarone for Santa Monica Place

Part of Candytopia's schtick is that it contains recreations of actual works of art—like the Mona Lisa and Starry Night, among others—all made from candy, of course. But at the same time, it's also all about creating an over-the-top fantasy world: Think, a life-size shark and unicorn surrounded by flying piglets.

Candytopia Museum 4
Credit: Evan Link
Candytopia Museum 5
Credit: Mathew Tucciarone for Santa Monica Place

The pop-up also includes some more familiar food-themed museum elements, though, like exhibits dripping in neon colors and a pool filled with marshmallows for that perfect Instagram moment. Guests are also promised sour, gummy, and chocolate candies during the tour.

While there’s no official opening date for Candytopia yet, organizers encourage interested parties (read: anyone with a major sweet tooth) to buy their tickets well in advance, because they are expected to sell out quickly. You can sign up on the website now to find out when tickets go on sale.