The Linne's two-toed sloth was born on June 27 to parents Nero and Lunesta.
Baby Sloth Stone Zoo 1
Credit: Courtesy of Stone Zoo

Visitors to the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts, have an adorable scavenger hunt ahead of them.

On June 27,  a Linne’s two-toed sloth was born at the New England zoo, and the baby is already on display. Guests can try to get a look at the new arrival at the zoo’s Windows of the Wild exhibit.

The currently unnamed newborn sloth, whose sex is not yet known, was born to Nero, 13, and Lunesta, 15. According to the zoo, the whole family is doing well.

“As with any new baby, we are closely monitoring its health. The baby has been doing well and is bright and active,” Pete Costello, assistant curator of Stone Zoo, said in a statement. He added, “Lunesta is an experienced mom and she has been taking great care of this baby. For the first month, the baby will hold on tightly to its mother.”

Right now, the baby is staying close to mom, but as the little sloth gets older, it will spend 15 hours a day sleeping and the other 9 hours eating veggies, climbing trees and hanging out upside-down.