Parents rejoice— or cower in fear. 
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Most parents with a child under the age of maybe 10 can admit to being traumatized by "Baby Shark," a children's song that makes Raffi sound like Mozart. Like all music meant for children under the age of five, it thrives on a catchy, repetitive format that distills pop music down to its reptilian essence, an experience that delights children and makes their parents feel like some unseen force is drilling a hole into their skull.

No matter how you feel about the song (re-popularized by Pinkfong in 2016), parents of fussy or picky eaters might want to know about the existence of Baby Shark-branded macaroni and cheese. Featuring the shapes of fish that are mentioned in the song (I refuse to confirm this by listening to the song), this essentially functions as your standard-issue boxed mac & cheese with an aesthetic specifically designed to win over kids.

Though it probably won't be the best macaroni and cheese you've ever had in your life, it can probably be prepared pretty quickly. If you boil the water without letting your kid now that they're about to eat something related to that infernal song that will never leave you with a moment's peace for the rest of your life, you probably only have to listen to it a few times before this dish is ready to serve.

According to @JunkFoodintheTrunk3, you can find this Baby Shark mac & cheese at Walmart now. It's currently unclear if it's a limited-time offer. Hopefully for all of the suffering parents out there, it is.