The retailer plans to sell the eye-catching appetizer for just $4.

Aldi Valentine Day Cheese 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Aldi

Thanks to Aldi, we just found our new favorite Valentine’s Day gift for everyone on our list. After the popularity of Aldi’s wine and cheese Christmas Advent calendars, we had high hopes for the brand’s Valentine’s Day plans, and they totally delivered. Starting January 30, you can pick up The Happy Farms Preferred Valentine's Day Cheese Assortment from your local Aldi.

The assortment, which actually debuted last Valentine’s Day, includes three cheeses: A heart-shaped Wensleydale With Raspberries & White Chocolate, a mature cheddar waxed heart, and a Creamy Cinnamon or Wensleydale With Cranberries.

The entire assortment will be available for only $3.99! We don’t care about roses or candy this year—cheese is totally at the top of our list.

If you want something to pair the cheese with for your special someone, try one of these insanely delicious and romantic meals for two. Good cheese goes with practically anything, so no matter what you gift it with, your loved ones will seriously love it. If you don’t want to gift the assortment, pick one up as a Valentine’s Day treat to yourself—we won’t tell if you dig in early!