Brayden Lawrence and about 10 of her friends dressed up as Target employees and shopped at their local store for her birthday bash.

By Ally Mauch
February 18, 2020
Credit: Rikki Jackson; Bailey Lawrence

No one loves Target more than 8-year-old Brayden Lawrence!

Brayden hosted her birthday party at her local store Sunday, complete with red shirts and khakis for her friends and treats featuring the signature Target bullseye.

“Brayden is obsessed with Target,” Rikki Jackson, the girl’s aunt, told CNN. “She will literally just ask to go walk up and down the aisles. She loves it and will spend hours in Target.”

Jackson took to Twitter on Sunday to post photos of Brayden’s party, which took place at their Target just outside of Atlanta. She shared that her niece, sporting a sparkly red jacket (also from Target), got to check out her friends at register number eight after each was given a gift card to purchase something from the store.

Brayden Lawrence and friends
| Credit: Rikki Jackson; Bailey Lawrence

“We got all the kids uniforms & walkies and the manager made them name tags,” Jackson wrote on Twitter. “They did a scavenger hunt where they had to find stuff throughout the store and then put it back afterwards since that’s what employees do.”

Target does not typically host birthday parties, she clarified, so the family had to get special permission from the manager to host Brayden’s dream party and left before the store’s peak hours began.

Brayden Lawrence’s birthday cake
| Credit: Rikki Jackson; Bailey Lawrence
Brayden Lawrence with a Target employee
| Credit: Rikki Jackson; Bailey Lawrence

Target spokesperson Jacqueline DeBuse told CNN that Target is “all about bringing moments of joy to our guests every day.”

“We’re thrilled when our team goes above and beyond to create extra excitement and happiness for even our littlest guests,” she said.


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