Now, it’s easier than ever to make sure your children are safer online. Here are the top-rated parental control apps you need right now.
Facebook Messenger Kids Parental Controls
Credit: Courtesy of Facebook Newsroom

The social media platform recently launched this dynamic app, currently available on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire. Kids can video chat with fun filters and message with parent-approved friends and family—without having a Facebook profile. Parents have full control over your child’s contact list and all messaging interactions are saved for you to view if needed. The best feature of all? The app is totally free and runs no ads targeting the kiddos.

Cost: Free

Life 360

Life 360 Parental Controls App
Credit: Courtesy of Life 360

The tracking app, which launched in 2008, shows your friends and family’s real-time location on a private map only you can view. The latest feature allows you to check if your child is speeding or texting while driving. Now you can really ensure they become better drivers when you aren’t riding in the passenger seat.

Cost: Free

DinnerTime App

DinnerTime App Parental Controls
Credit: Courtesy of DinnerTime App

This trusty app makes spending phone-free quality time with your kids possible. The feature allows you to instantly lock your child’s device, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod, for 2 hours to 24 hours. You can pick from three modes including, “dinner time,” “take a break,” or “bedtime.” They also send a report that tells you exactly what apps yours kids use the most (also known as knowing their distraction sources). No wonder this app has almost a perfect 4 ½ out of 5 rating.

Cost: Free


WebWatcher Parental Controls App
Credit: Photo via WebWatcher screen shot

This app lets you supervise all of your kid’s online activity, including their social media profiles. You can also monitor their web browsing history and even see who they’re connecting with via text. You can also track all of their devices via the app and even track their location. You do have to upgrade to a paid subscription to benefit from all the features.

Cost: Free

Net Nanny

Net Nanny Parental Controls App
Credit: Photo via Net Nanny screen shot

The four-star rated app allows parents to filter emails and internet experiences so the content and access is completely age appropriate. It features profanity masking to make sure bullying and blacklisted content isn’t shown. If you’re really involved in their digital space, you can also receive enhanced reporting of what exactly they’re looking at while their eyes are glued on their screens.

Cost: $12.99


OurPact Parental Controls App
Credit: Courtesy of OurPact

If strong monitoring isn’t exactly your thing, OurPact is focused more on teaching your children how to navigate the digital space. It allows parents to set up bedtimes, schedules, and block inappropriate sites. The messaging gives kids a chance head down for dinner at a certain time, if they don’t follow through, you can block the device from working for a certain amount of time.

Cost: Free, but full service costs $2-$5

Mobicip Parental Controls

Mobicip Parental Controls App
Credit: Courtesy of Mobicip

This app ranges from as young as age 4 to teen. Parents can conduct cross platform management, which includes filtering social and YouTube content. You can also set up time limits, block pop-ups and more. You can add up to six family members to monitor.

Cost: Free