As part of the Safe & Sound Home series on our sister site Better Homes & Gardens, Emily Henderson traveled to one family's home for lessons in safety and style.
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With hot tools, toxic medications, and open water sources, the bathroom needs some serious safety considerations. Maybe it's time for you to try a precautionary makeover? We partnered with style expert and author Emily Henderson to help one family of six achieve an organized and safe place to primp and prep for the day. These solutions look great and are easy for anyone to do on their own.

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1. Clear the Clutter

This family had lots of little clips, tools, and gadgets tucked away under their vanity in open shelving. While it may have seemed convenient for the teenagers, it was also easily accessible for their baby sibling. We swapped out those choking and pinching hazards for fluffy towels, instead storing the smaller items on a higher cabinet shelf. Visually the clean towels look better, and the new solution is much safer.

2. Stay Put

Bathroom rugs are necessary to insulate toes from chilly tile and to protect floors from collecting post-shower puddles. However, plush fabric against a smooth surface can be a recipe for disaster. Make your bathroom a no-slip zone by using a rubber rug pad to grip the floor. With this easy fix, your rugs will stay in place and your feet will stay firmly planted on the ground.

3. First Aid

Medicine cabinets aren't always the best place to store your pill boxes and prescribed ointments. Pills could look like candy to a toddler's curious mind and as kids get older, keeping meds out of reach is equally important to discourage experimental use. Go the extra mile and store your medicine in a compact storage box with a lock. Make the code something easy for you family to remember but tough for kids to crack.

4. Cool Down

Curling irons can be a danger to your family, even after they're unplugged. All it takes is a little tug of a cord for a curling iron to come tumbling down onto a toddler. Keep your family safe and declutter your countertop with this handy DIY storage solution. Mount PVC pipe couplings to the inside of a cabinet door with removable hook-and-loop tape strips. Your still-cooling tools sit safely inside the pipe, making this a safe and unique way to stay organized. To make this project a family activity, let the kids decorate the couplings with washi tape before mounting.

5. Light the Way

We've all suffered from stubbed toes or bumped funny bones during midnight bathroom trips. Save your family from pain by installing a stylish bathroom night-light. This DIY solution isn't an unsightly plug-in, but instead fits low under your vanity. String lights are easy to set up, and the dim glow illuminates the floor without hurting your tired eyes. This simple solution is a win for everyone!

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