Plus, they sound spicier.

Doritos 3D
Credit: Frito-Lay

At this point in 2020, our collective desire to retreat into the past has never been greater. Nostalgia can take many forms, but food, so often tied to memory, plays a big role. That's evidenced by the resurgence of old-school snacks like the return of Dunkaroos earlier this year, not to mention Stop & Shop's whole online shopping section dedicated to throwback snacks.

Starting early next year, though, it sounds like we could be entering a whole new dimension thanks to the revival of a Y2K-era favorite. As some behind-the-scenes evidence posted by @Candyhunting and sourced from the public "Frito-Lay playbook,” it sure looks like Doritos 3D will be returning in early 2021. 

For those who may be too young to recall the excitement of these triangular treats, Doritos 3D essentially takes the shape of your classic Dorito, and, well, introduces some depth. The puffed tortilla chip is hollow on the inside, so it's unfortunately not a solid block of flavor. Think of it as a cross between Doritos and Bugles and you're pretty close to the truth. 

While the shape might be new to any Zoomers who came of age after the original Doritos 3D run ended in the mid-aughts, the flavors should be (somewhat familiar). In this case, Doritos opts for Chili Cheese Nacho and Spicy Ranch, two slight variations on their classic Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch. I guess the baseline Dorito flavor has shifted in a spicy direction as of late. 

Based on what evidence we have (which, again, may not be 100 percent verifiable at the moment), it seems like these 3D Crunch Doritos could show up in mid-January. That means you could get your hands on them by the time the Super Bowl happens, should the NFL season (improbably) reach its conclusion. 

So if Doritos just don't do it for you anymore, you'll be able to add some depth to your snacking soon enough. Hopefully the experience won't prove to be as hollow as the chip itself.

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