This Balance Bike Can Help Your Toddler Learn to Ride a Bike Stress-Free

Kids can start using it as soon as they learn how to stand, and it's so much better than a tricycle.

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Parents / Pamela Jew

You may not think your toddler is ready to learn to ride a bike yet, but balance bikes are an incredible tool to help you get your child on a bike way earlier than you might expect. And, unlike learning to ride with training wheels, they teach little riders balance, coordination, and confidence in their two-wheeling abilities. Strider bikes are known to be one of the best balance bikes on the market, so I decided to test out the Strider Sport 12” Balance Bike with Rocking Base with my 15 month old—with pretty amazing results. 

When we unboxed the Strider bike, our son was immediately intrigued. While the bike on its own is intended for use at 18 months and up, we are a family of overachievers so we immediately tried it out. While intrigued and excited, it was a bit much for him to handle at 15 months, and he wasn’t able to really keep it stable as he moved along. Luckily, we had the rocking base to attach to the bike.

Strider - 12 Sport 2-in-1 Rocking Bike


To buy: Strider Sport 12” Balance Bike with Rocking Base $249;

After a surprisingly easy setup (it took 15 minutes to do both the bike and the base with no tools required), we were ready to go. The base allowed our son to rock and move the bike easily with a stable base and no risk of tipping or sliding out. He was all smiles and actually cried when we took him off. In the following days he learned how to easily mount and dismount on his own and likes to ride next to dad’s big bike in our workout room. 

Balance bikes like the Strider help babies and toddlers get comfortable on two wheels so that when the time comes for them to graduate to a regular bike they have the confidence and balance skills necessary to succeed. The natural progression is to move from the rocking base—anytime from 18 months to 2 years—to the balance bike on its own, which can then be used up until 5 years old. The balance bike takes the place of a tricycle down the road, which despite being cute, doesn't actually prepare kids for regular bikes very well.

In addition to helping kids learn to ride bikes faster, the Strider Balance Bikes are extremely lightweight (with a 6 pound frame), which makes them easy for tots to maneuver. Strider is one of the most adjustable balance bikes on the market with 9 inches of room, making it a long-term purchase. The Strider Sport 12” Balance Bike also features lightweight rubber tires that never need to be inflated, footrests, and a handlebar pad to protect against chin bumps. 

Strider - 12 Sport Kids Balance Bike


To buy: Strider Sport 12” Balance Bike $119.99;

Of course we can’t say for sure how our biking adventures will unfold, but thanks to Strider, all signs point to our son being a confident and enthusiastic bike rider in the near future. If your tot is 18 months or older, you could also skip the rocking base and just buy the Strider Sport 12” Balance Bike on its own without the rocking base, which is a less expensive option at $119. But if you’re eager to get going with two wheels like we were, you can’t beat the Strider Sport 12” Balance Bike with Rocking Base for its ability to introduce babies and early toddlers to the exciting world of bike riding.

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