Buying a roll of "family cloth" means re-using fabric toilet paper after tossing it in the wash. How green are you willing to get?

By Lauren Pardee
March 26, 2018
Family Cloth
Credit: Courtesy of Remiusables

Yes, we are all for going green, but the latest renew, reuse, recycle invention going viral right now may be a hard pass for most. We are talking about the "family cloth"—cloth wipes, connected by buttons that collect in a roll and are used to replace toilet paper.

You still with us? Let’s explain how this works. Upon use, toss the soiled fabric square into a designated bin in your bathroom, and then transfer straight to the washer for cleaning. Seems simple enough, right?

We may not be fully onboard, but we aren’t here to defame any product that is helpful to the preservation of our environment—it may be best if we start with the facts. If your family is anything like ours, toilet paper goes quickly, even when bought in super-bulk. “Family cloth” is a cost-effective solution to that issue. Plus, the fabric is more comfortable than your average toilet paper needs—two-ply or not.

As for the instant red flags that are popping into our head, we do have some disclaimers. Keep in mind that trying a roll of the “family cloth” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have back up toilet paper for guests. Just because you are comfortable trying something new, doesn’t mean your visitors are! Another thing to consider is the possibility of stains. If you are properly caring for the product, the cloth will be clean despite discoloration.

Available on Etsy, a “family cloth” roll can come in some pretty fun prints. One, 20 sheet roll of 2-ply, double-sided flannel made by Etsy shop, Remiusables comes to $26.00. There are white and black options available, we suggest going with black to prevent any and all stains.

We give anyone willing to try out “family cloth” major props. As for us, we are going to provide our due diligence to the environment in other, more traditional ways.