The grocery store salad bar and deli counter are a busy mom's best friends. Here are easy ideas for how to use them to assemble a meal in minutes.

By Jenna Helwig
June 10, 2016

These days more and more supermarkets are stocking their deli counters and salad bars with interesting, healthful, and delicious ingredients. Take advantage to create a family-friendly meal when you're pressed for time.

Use these ideas as a jumping off point:

Salad Bar Quesadillas: Virtually anything can be wrapped in tortilla with shredded cheese. If you'd like, customize each family member's quesadilla for a truly crowd-pleasing meal.

Pizza Salad: Transform your kids' favorite meal into a salad! Combine crunchy lettuce, cheese, pepperoni, and their other favorite pizza toppings. Drizzle on Italian dressing.

Quick Cobb Salad: This one is classic for a reason. Don't forget the bacon!

Fast Omelet: Pick up cooked veggies, and scramble with eggs for breakfast for dinner.

A Mediterranean Meal: Assemble a platter of Mediterreanean edibles, including hummus, olives, and cucumber. Serve with pita chips and let kids choose ingredients for their own meal.

Another benefit of salad bar meals is that it's easy for everyone in the family to customize their dinners. Letting kids choose their ingredients in a low-pressure way gives them the opportunity to be adventurous when they're ready. So let them try just one olive or one slice of bell pepper. You never know -- they might find a new favorite!