How To Cut Up an Onion

Chef Jenna Helwig demonstrates how to cut an onion.


I'm Jenna Helwig, a private chef and Parents contributor. Today, I'm going to show you how to cut an onion. First thing you wanna do is cut off the stem end entirely. Then the root end, you just wanna shave it off. Shave off some of that fuzziness. Stand it up and cut right through the center. This is the best time to take off these peppery skins. And now that you've done that, you can do a couple of different things with the onion. You can either cut it into half moons just by slicing just like this. Or, if you really wanna give it a good chop, put your hand flat on the onion like this and slice it horizontally. Then you wanna slice it vertically just along the top of the onion. Then, you make little chops just like this. And there you have it, beautiful diced onion.

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