How to Bread and Batter

Chef Jenna Helwig demonstrates techniques for breading and battering.


I'm Jenna Helwig, a private chef and Parents contributor. I'm going to walk you through the breading process. You can bread and cook almost any food. Chicken, shrimp, vegetables. Today, I'm using flounder. And what I've already done is I put salt and pepper on both sides of the flounder, always make sure to season your food, and then you bread. You always wanna have three things all set to go in shallow dishes. Pour some flour, then a couple of eggs beaten with a fork, and then some bread crumbs or cornmeal and go. Today, I'm using cornmeal. Sometimes I like to put some grated parmesan cheese in there. You could also add some other herbs or spices, whatever you and your family like. The first thing you wanna do is you want to pick a wet hand a dry hand. This way your hands won't get all battered messy while you're doing this. So, start with the dry hand, take a piece of your food and you wanna dip it into the flour. Shake it off gently, and using your wet hand, put it into the egg and flip it over. Make sure it's covered with the egg completely. Let any excess drip off and put it into the cornmeal. Using your dry hand, make sure that it gets completely covered, shake it again, and put it on a pan with parchment paper. So, after you bread it, it's best to put your food into the fridge for about a half an hour. That will help the crumbs adhere when you cook it.

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