Market Pantry Unicorn Magic Ice Cream appears to be hitting freezers at Targets, and unicorn fanatics are flipping.

By Maressa Brown
March 21, 2018
Credit: John Greim/Getty Images

Sure, people love all things trolls, vampires, mermaids... but it seems like summer 2018 is setting up to be the season of the unicorn. You can snag a huge unicorn to float in, a blow-up unicorn sprinkler for your L.O.s to play in, and now, it looks like you'll also be able to serve up unicorn-themed ice cream. Target is clearly committed to the unicorn craze, having released a new Market Pantry ice cream called Unicorn MagicPopSugar reports.

The frozen dessert is described as "cherry flavored ice cream" with sour blue raspberry and frosting swirls, and glitter candy bits. Yes. You read that correct. GLITTER CANDY BITS.

A photo of the whimsical treat popped up on Instagram account Candy Hunting, and USA Today notes that the flavor launched this past Sunday, March 18.

Surely, this is going to sell like crazy. If only because it's bound to be super-Instagrammable!