Or are we? We posted a video featuring a recipe for Classic Guacamole. You weren't shy with your opinions (and we love it!).

By Jenna Helwig
April 06, 2016
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Does watching this video make you hungry? Or crave a margarita, perhaps?

Or, are you one of the many people who were incredulous that there were no tomatoes in our Classic Guacamole, or that we included red onions instead of white?

If there is one thing I've learned as food editor at Parents.com, it's that our users are truly passionate about guacamole. This video inspired a lot of likes, many shares, and some strongly held opinions. Here are just a few of the comments we received on Facebook.

guacamole recipe video facebook comments

Tomatoes (or the lack thereof) seem to be the biggest point of contention. As Mexican food writer (and mom of three) Pati Jinich says in her latest cookbook Mexican Today: "The world is split into two groups: those who think guacamole should include tomatoes, and those who don't. I am of the latter camp." (Me too.)

Clearly, the choice of red onion vs. white onion also inspired a lot of comments. (Jinich skips both and uses scallions instead.)

Guacamole is no stranger to controversy. Last year The New York Times published a guac recipe that included green peas. The social media world was up in arms. Even President Obama tweeted his disapproval.

obama guacamole tweet

So keep on talking! We love to hear your thoughts on food and tweaks to recipes. What are your other favorite dips for chips? Where do you stand on the Great Tomato Controversy of 2016? And, perhaps most importantly, would you ever put peas in your guacamole?? (Me neither.)

Jenna Helwig is the food editor at Parents. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram