Yes, you read that right: a mac and cheese bar. 

By Lauren Pardee
October 30, 2017

Denver moms and dads are about to be the envy of parents everywhere. The reason? Whole Foods Market is set to open a Union Station location on Nov. 15th that will feature the world's best invention (or soemthing close): a mac and cheese bar. As if we needed another reason to fangirl over the health-conscious supermarket chain.

Talk about a game-changer for the traditional American household staple. The gourmet bar options—we're talking pulled pork, roasted tomato, and vegan mac and cheese—sound yummy enough to make us want to leave all boxed versions behind and hightail it to the Mile High city.

In addition to the mac and cheese bar, the new location will feature three local restaurants, a poke bar, and a 100-pound tower of cheese. According to, the restaurants, which include Birdcall, Allegro Coffee Roasters, and Tel Aviv Street Food by the U Baron Group, are all part of the "Friends of Whole Foods Market" campaign.

Is anyone else ready to relocate to Denver? And can we start a petition for mac and cheese equality among all Whole Foods Market locations?