You've seen it take over your Instagram feed, but is it worth the hype? We think so—this refresher definitely gives off a summer vibe.  

By Lauren Pardee
Courtesy of Starbucks

Leave it to the Starbucks gods to provide us with the refreshing pick-me-up drink we never knew we needed. Let’s be real, we all complained summer wasn’t coming soon enough, but now that it’s here we are all sitting at our desks—sweating—and staring out the window longing to be at the beach. No, we can’t get you extra vacation days, but we can suggest sippin’ on the new Mango Dragonfruit Starbucks Refresher. It may be the extra push you need to get through the day.

Comparing a Starbucks drink to a vacation is a bit of a stretch, but we are just trying to stay optimistic—so hear us out. The magenta tea is easily the pop of color your cubical (and Instagram feed) needs, and it's all thanks to the real dragon fruit slices that make for the perfect garnish. (No artificial colors or sweeteners here!)

The Mango Dragonfruit Refresher is a sweet treat but not so much that it’s headache-inducing. You can tell Starbucks allows the mango and dragon fruit flavors to shine instead of trying to enhance them with added sugar. This refresher’s tropical essence will give you the jolt of energy you need to finish out the day without packing the strong, jittery punch of a coffee. If you are a fan of Starbucks’ Strawberry Acai Refreshers, your basically guaranteed to dig this beverage too.

Here’s a bonus life hack for you: Request coconut milk instead of water for an added creaminess that doesn’t change the overall flavor.

This drink is also beach-bod friendly—a grande contains about 90 calories while still satisfying any sweet tooth.

We aren’t just fangirling over any Starbucks drink here—trust, we tell it how it is—if a drink is bad we will let you know. So recline that office chair and imagine a coastal breeze for one moment. Until Starbucks starts serving up drinks in coconuts, this is as close to a beach bar as your 9-5 is going to get.


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