We Tried Dippin' Dots' New Cereal & Would Prefer Ice Cream for Breakfast

We were anticipating a tasty, nostalgic experience, but the new General Mills cereal available at Walmart didn't live up to our expectations. 
Courtesy of Dippin' Dots

When we caught wind that Dippin’ Dots was making its cereal debut we were amped, to say the least. A cup of Dippin’ Dots is basically the epitome of childhood glory. You know those epic days spent at the amusement park weren’t complete without some liquid nitrogen frozen balls of ice cream. We used to love how they would stick to our tongues before melting away to a creamy goodness— ahh, the memories. So, any excuse for us to feel somewhat like a kid before our nine-to-five morning commutes seemed like a gift—that was until we gave them a try.

“Partnering with General Mills now provides Dippin’ Dots fans the opportunity to enjoy our great-tasting product at home as a cereal in their breakfast bowl,” said Dippin’ Dots Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Michael Barrette. “Banana Split and Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream flavors are among our customers’ favorites and we know they will love them in these new cereals too.”

Yes, the General Mills brand cereal comes in two flavors: Banana Split and Cookies ‘N Cream. Unfortunately, we don't believe that the corn and oat-based cereal lived up to the hype. Think about it, Dippin’ Dots revolutionized the way we eat ice cream—it’s an experience—but in cereal form that wow factor is dimmed drastically.

But, for those still interested in trying the cereal for themselves, make sure to give the box a good shake before opening. We noticed that there were only a few flavor clusters per box. 

And as far as flavor goes, both options fell short for us with and without milk. Believe it or not, the cereal made us more nostalgic for our "kid tested, mother approved" childhood favorite, Kix, rather than Dippin’ Dots. It was almost like our parents switched out the boxes rather than give us a sugar fix. Which is like totally uncool

If this had been a blind taste test, we would have never guessed the Cookies ‘N Cream flavor. The chocolate puffs were underwhelming in chocolate taste, while the clusters (that we were hoping would save the day) were chalky, unappealing, and somewhat flavorless when mixed with milk. We were said to realize that Dippin’ Dots isn’t the cereal of our dreams.

Courtesy of Dippin' Dots

We do appreciate that the box comes in a large family size for $3.64 at Walmart—we found this to be a reasonable price. Hopefully, your box is more promising than ours. We are definitely going to stick to Dippin’ Dots ice cream because if it’s not broken don’t fix it, right?


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