Nostalgic of our scratch-n-sniff sticker days, this wine upgrade makes us feel like we are adults enjoying playtime the right way. 

By Lauren Pardee
Courtesy of Winc

We may have just located the perfect summer wine—and of course, it is a rosé. It’s called Cocomero, which is Italian for watermelon, according to the wine manufacturer, Winc’s, website. So, what makes it worthy of being our seasonal go-to: the watermelon-scented scratch-n-sniff label. This genius addition to a classic wine bottle will boost your party planning credentials up a notch. Cocomero’s gorgeous label—which is covered in cute wildflowers and watermelon slices—adds a stunning visual element to any outdoor table setting while contributing an aroma so good, guests are going to want to taste for themselves.

It also doesn’t hurt that a bottle of Cocomero is only $15—that’s always an incentive to cheers, right? But, taste does matter to us too (although all other factors make this bottle a winner). This rosé is described by Winc as light-bodied and dry with tasting notes of honeysuckle, rhubarb, and—the star of the show—watermelon. Cocomero pairs well with shellfish, sushi, and fruit—basically the only things our summer diet has been consisting of. Oh, and the 12.5% alcohol content and eco-friendly wine production is worthy of a double cheers—you may as well just crack open another at this point.

Lucky for us we can get Cocomero delivered straight our door. Winc just so happens to be a direct-to-costumer winery—just pick up to four wines at a time online and Winc will send them straight to your home. They even offer complimentary shipping and promise no membership fees.

It’s the little things that make us happy, and a watermelon-scented scratch-n-sniff wine bottle totally qualifies as one of those little things. Just add in good company, a picnic table full of goodies, and some vibey summer weather and we could have ourselves a delicious smelling day.



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