Fulfill all your summer cravings courtesy of Target—the first retailer to sell the premium Museum of Ice Cream flavors we can't stop Instagramming. 

By Lauren Pardee
July 02, 2018
Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop
Credit: Courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

Any hot summer day in New York City (which can be brutally suffocating—and smelly) is not complete without a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream. What better way to cool off than at the interactive, compelling, made-for-Instagram museum? Even if you aren’t visiting Manhattan (or the two other museum locations in Miami and Los Angeles) this summer—we have some pretty sweet news. You can still be a part of the fun thanks to our friends at Target.

Props to the all-in-one retailer for capitalizing on this major summer exclusive: premium Museum of Ice Cream flavors. Starting July 8th you can dive into a pint of Nana Banana, Cherrylicious, Chocolate Crush, Churro Churro, Vanillionaire, Piñata, and Sprinkle Pool from the comfort of your own home—or beach.

For those dedicated to the Museum of Ice Cream movement, you no longer need to infiltrate the pop-up shops to get the goods. (Although, you may want to anyway for that solid Instagram #content.) A pint will cost you just $5 at Target—if that isn’t the epitome of convenience, we don’t know what is.

“We launched Museum of Ice Cream in New York in 2016 because we loved ice cream and felt that there were very few products in the world that matched the accessibility and universal love that ice cream brings,” said Maryellis Bunn, Museum of Ice Cream founder and creative director in a press release. “This will be the first Museum of Ice Cream product that will be available across the country. It was a dream to team up with Target to bring the vision of Museum of Ice Cream nationwide and beyond the walls of our spaces.”

The Museum of Ice Cream, Pint Shop
Credit: Courtesy of the Museum of Ice Cream

In light of Target’s trendy new venture, they are also teaming up with the Museum of Ice Cream to sponsor their newest concept, The Pint Shop. Strictly located in Manhattan, The Pint Shop promises an interactive experience for guests who are looking to adventure around oversized pint installations while dining on ice cream like never before. Need we say more? You can count us in.

That about sums up all that Target and the Museum of Ice Cream has going on this summer—well, besides their amazing kid's clothing line collaboration which is also made for Instagram. You’re going to want to check that out too. We love that the fun just never seems to end.