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As a registered dietitian and nutritionist for nearly two decades, I've enjoyed working with parents and their children in a variety of capacities. Whether through one-on-one or family nutritional counseling sessions, lectures, workshops or appearances on The Early Show and other television programs, or writing for Parents and web sites including and, I've enjoyed a platform that has enabled me to share my expertise in, and passion for, food, nutrition and health.

From breastfeeding to introducing first foods to teaching the difference between a snack and a dessert, raising two sons, now aged 14 and 11, has shown me how parenting in the real world compares and contrasts to what I learned in school—first as a psychology major at The University of Pennsylvania, and then as a nutrition graduate student at New York University. As I stay abreast of new research and attend conferences, lectures and workshops, I try my best to translate what I learn professionally and anecdotally into sensible advice—sprinkled with some empathy, of course—to other parents.

It might surprise you to learn that sometimes even I find feeding my family to be a challenge. But while it isn't always easy, I try to stay on course to provide my children with an environment that supports nutritious, balanced eating and regular physical activity. This is especially vital as children grow, separate from us and increasingly eat away from home. Creating a nurturing—and nourishing—environment empowers children to make better, more mindful decisions about what and how much to eat. And that, in turn, enhances their overall health and sense of well-being.

When asked me to write this new blog, I jumped at the chance. I am humbled by the incredible opportunity to not only delve into food, nutrition and fitness topics that are of most interest to us parents, but to offer strategies, solutions and resources to help us all raise healthy, happy children.

In this twice weekly blog, The Scoop on Food, I'll write about topics ranging from the latest food recall or 'superfood,' a food ingredient of concern, a new report about the state of children's health or any related topic parents are talking about. I'll also address many of your questions and concerns about feeding your own children. But while The Scoop on Food will dish out my take on topics—some controversial—it'll also provide some practical take-home lessons and valuable resources.

So, welcome to The Scoop on Food! I encourage you to submit your food, nutrition or fitness questions or share ideas for upcoming blogs by emailing me at You can also leave a question, comment, blog idea or simply say hello on Twitter or on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!