By Sherry Huang
February 13, 2015

When it comes to breakfast, kids in the U.S. are used to eating something savory, like bacon and eggs, or something sweet, like a muffin and yogurt. But when some rice porridge, fermented eggs, and salmon-on-toast shows up at the breakfast table, the world seems to have turned upside down.

Case in point: The hilarious video below of American kids tasting and reacting to unusual breakfast foods, which was inspired by a New York Times Magazine article featuring kids with breakfasts of their countries.

In the video, as bowls and plates of foods from different countries are placed in front of each child, their expressions and actions run the gamut from smiling faces to shaking heads, spitting out food or clapping hands.

Personally, I think the Asian boy in the blue blazer (see right) steals the show -- his wide range of reactions (from incredulous grimaces to awesome giggles to beatific smiles) make for a great #fridaylaugh. Plus, he says one of the best lines of the video -- after tasting Brazilian coffee, he shouts: "It tastes like cow poop!"

Here are favorite quotables from the video:

(Eyeing a black fermented egg from Vietnam)

  • "It has a portable toilet smell or rotten egg smell."

(Noshing on toast with chocolate sprinkles from the Netherlands)

  • "People eat this for breaskfast?!"

(Being told where certain foods come from)

  • "What's Finland?"
  • "Where's Poland?"
  • "I don't study geometry" (Um, we think the kid really meant "geography"!)

Sherry Huang is a Features Editor for She loves collecting children's picture books and has an undeniable love for cookies of all kinds. Her spirit animal would be Beyoncé Pad Thai. Follow her on Twitter @sherendipitea


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