Target has announced the launch of Yummy Spoonfuls, a new baby food line co-created by celebrity mom Camila Alves.

By Jenna Helwig
May 24, 2016
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Yummy Spoonfuls Camila and Agatha
Credit: Courtesy of Target

In a perfect world, we’d all have the time, equipment, and know-how to make our own baby food. But, alas, our world is far from perfect. (Right?) To help bridge the gap between homemade and store-bought, Target is launching Yummy Spoonfuls, a new organic baby food line that aims to mimic what you would cook up in your kitchen—without all of the peeling, chopping, storing, and cleaning up.

Yummy Spoonfuls was first born in 2006 in the Atlanta kitchen of Agatha Achindu. Eager to feed her children the best possible baby food, she began cooking up batches herself. Soon she was packaging and selling the food and earning a loyal following.

In 2014, Agatha teamed up with fashion and lifestyle expert Camila Alves, who has three children with husband Matthew McConaughey. Like Agatha, Camila was committed to feeding her children top-quality baby food, and she hoped to find a store-bought version that could be as wholesome as homemade. Yummy Spoonfuls fit the bill. Together the duo has expanded the brand and partnered with Target to make it available to families across the country.

Yummy Spoonfuls launches on June 12. But, don’t look for it in the baby food aisle. Check the freezer section—the food is prepared and then immediately frozen with nothing added to make it shelf-stable. Just another way it’s more like homemade.

Yummy Spoonfuls Products
Credit: Courtesy of Target

We caught up with Camila and Agatha, and they shared their experiences feeding their kids and their hopes for Yummy Spoonfuls:

Parents: How did you feed your babies when they were starting solids? Did you buy food or make your own?

Agatha Achindu: When my son was born I was unable to find the fresh, healthy baby food I grew up with in Cameroon, so began to make it myself. I never bought anything off the shelf because there was nothing in the market that was even close to homemade.  After several moms in my community wanted to learn how to do the same—I knew there was an opportunity to turn this into something bigger.

Camila Alves: I mostly fed my babies homemade food. But because I’m constantly on the go, I couldn’t always find a way to do so. I grew up in Brazil with a strong connection to the taste and aroma of food made using only fresh-picked ingredients, and like Agatha, I couldn’t find store-bought products that I could completely trust. There was always some sacrifice I had to make—I never wanted to do that with the food I fed to my babies.

How is Yummy Spoonfuls different from other baby food on the market?

AA: Yummy Spoonfuls is unlike any other baby food on the market because we take fresh, organic ingredients and cook them gently in small batches without using any preservatives, just like you would at home.  After cooking, we immediately freeze it to lock in nutrients, flavor, and texture. We follow the same process that we did on our own when we made our own baby food for our kids. It’s not the easiest job, but as mothers, Camila and I believe it is the only way.

How did you choose which flavors to create?

CA: We chose flavors that we were both exposed to as kids. Living in Cameroon and Brazil, Agatha and I grew up eating interesting and exotic things like fresh mangoes, papayas, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and adzuki beans. When it’s cooked properly, healthy and organic food is delicious! We both think it’s important to expand your baby’s palate at a young age so they begin to crave healthy foods. We chose flavors that hit you right away. Babies love it, kids love it—even parents love it!

What advice can you give parents as their babies are making the exciting transition to solid foods?

AA: We both think it’s important to give your baby healthy foods from day one. Good eating habits start young and can last a lifetime. We want to help coach moms on how to develop baby’s palate to love healthy food. We think it’s possible for your children to grow up loving fresh, wholesome organic foods including vegetables. And don't give up on the veggies—we can tell you from experience that kids come around.

Jenna Helwig is the food editor at Parents and the author of Real Baby Food. Follow her on Twitter.