Pizza Hut Expands Delivery Menu with Beer and Wine Options

Watch out Domino's, no one out pizzas the Hut when there is beer involved.
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The competition is heating up between pizza delivery rivals Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza as costumers bask in the perks—and pies. Last week Domino's Pizza announced the launch of their baby registry which benefits some of their hungriest costumers—soon-to-be moms. Now the excitement has quickly shifted over to Pizza Hut after news broke the chain is adding beer to their delivery services. This is one rivalry we don't mind being in the middle of. 

Before you go ordering rounds for the office, you must know the lucky citizens of Phoenix, Arizona are the first and only people cashing in on this pizza delivery development. Pizza Hut is testing their beer delivery service before broadening to all chain locations—good news is expansion may be coming sooner than we thought. 

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According to Fortune1,700 of Pizza Huts' 6,300 stores in the U.S. have already acquired liquor licenses. Pizza Hut also plans on adding wine to their delivery services in January. The beer and wine will be kept in custom coolers upon delivery—this way you are guaranteed to crack open a cold one. 

Pizza Hut has huge plans to ensure that this delivery upgrade is a hit. Fortune confirmed the chain's plan to hire a minimum of 14,000 workers by the end of the year, in addition to implementing a new delivery algorithm (which includes online mapping)—resulting in a total of $130 million investment by July.

Sounds like Pizza Hut isn't joking around. As of right now, the lucky pizza lovers of Phoenix can enjoy a $10.99 six-pack of Shock Top, Bud Light, Budweiser, or Kilt Lifter—a local Arizona beer.

It will be interesting to see how beer and wine delivery changes the pizza game altogether. Here's to hoping it spreads like wildfire. Cheers, Pizza Hut—Domino's it's your move now. 


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