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My recent Scoop on Food Post, No More Soda in Kids' Meals, sparked considerable online conversation and debate. As a registered dietitian nutritionist and mother of two, I support any attempt by a fast food company—or any restaurant—to offer smaller portions, or more healthful fare. I am also in favor or limiting the marketing of nutrient-poor foods to children who are quite vulnerable to the impacts of advertising on their eating choices and habits. Although I intuitively thought that most parents would support the move by McDonald's to not offer soda with Happy Meals, many said it crosses a line when it comes to freedom and personal choice. And even though the federal government had nothing to do with the McDonald's decision, many commented that they don't want the government dictating what they should or shouldn't eat or feed their families.

Here's just a sample of some reader comments when asked if they agree with the change McDonald's is making on the Parents Magazine Facebook Page:

Heidi M. Fanning I think that this is great! My kids enjoy a happy meal as an occasional treat and they always pick the milk anyway. I like that soda will no longer be MARKETED to children, even though their parents are still free to buy them soda if they so choose.

Erica Lopez Just because it is not listed does not mean you cannot get it. Personally, I feel as though it is a good thing that McDonald's wants to encourage parents not to serve their children soda. There are not enough children who appreciate and drink water.

Shawn-Joy Martin ...I don't agree with the change. How about a little personal responsibility? Don't get your kid a Happy Meal 5 days a week and then if they want a soda with it, it won't be such a big deal.

Diane Pumpido Pallini ...It's not McDonald's or the government's or anyone's business to tell me what I can and can't order for my kids. This nonsense is going too far.

Ashley Howerton I think it's crap. My kid very rarely gets a Happy Meal, but when he does, if I as the parent choose to let him have a tiny (because let's be honest, those cups are tiny) cup of Root Beer, that's my choice. I'm the parent! I'm so sick of people thinking they have a right to bully businesses into limiting my options as a parent.

Amber Loyd Has this group taken into consideration that they are making it more difficult to practice moderation even when occasionally splurging diet wise...we are raising our son that nothing is off limits but everything in moderation, which is why I support the fact that happy meal fries are smaller and there are apples included now...but now you are telling me that when I do occasionally treat my son to a happy meal and he wants a soda with it I'm forced to buy him a larger size and then fight the battle of not having a "full" cup... I won't be spending my money at McDonald's anymore, period.

Breanna Stephens Sure, you can still add a soda for a dollar if you're really insistent on giving your child that. It's not taking away your choice just taking it out of a kids' meal to encourage better choices for our children. We all know it's not good for them or us. I've never allowed my kids to have soda because to me it's an unnecessary indulgence...It's each family's personal decision but I think logically this makes sense.

Victoria Wieting I wish parents were smart enough to not give kids soda on their own but since they are not and I often see kids as young as preschool drinking it, then it's about time the policy changed.

Amy Sage NO, because it is one of the few times I allow my son to have soda. It's called "Happy" meal for a reason, it makes kids HAPPY!

Katie Haynie Guess what? Parents who want to get their kids soda will still get their kids soda, but it will be a small instead of the kid size, which means it will be bigger. This whole thing is stupid. What are they going to do next, arrest you for giving kids soda?

Lorisa Griffith It still is not going to solve a thing and all the hype has gotten out of control. If you don't want your kid drinking soda then don't buy them soda. Stop dictating how businesses operate because you are too scared to tell your kids no. What's next? No cookies or cupcakes or Dairy Queen?

Heidi M. Fanning I find it odd and silly that people are complaining that it should be their choice and not McDonald's choice whether or not their child has soda, because IT STILL IS the parent's choice! McDonald's will still sell you a soda to give to your children if that is what you want to do, it is just not part of the Happy Meal. Seriously, no one is taking your precious soda away.

Cathy Vo What gives McDonald's the right to decide if my child should have a soda or not?  Getting my kids a Happy Meal was always an infrequent special treat that included the soda as a special treat, since I don't buy soda to keep in the home! A stupid/unfair decision on their part!

I have no doubt this debate will continue, especially since similar nutrition and health initiatives by fast food and other companies will likely follow as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other diet-related diseases remain prevalent in our society. For now, I agree with Margo Wootan, the Director of Nutriton Policy for the Center for Science in the Public Interest. She says, "Taking soda off the Happy Meal section of menu boards at McDonald's is an important step toward healthier kids meals and healthier children. It doesn't much matter to me why they are doing it—just that it is good for kids and will make it a bit easier for parents to feed their children healthfully."

What's your opinion? Should companies have a say in how you should feed your children?

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