Who says refreshing and delicious can't be served in a can? These wine spritzers are guaranteed to get any parent through summer, vacation-style.

barefoot wine cans spritzers

Barfoot Wine has launched it's latest product and it's genius: a spritzer in a perfectly petite can. Am I above drinking wine out of a can? Absolutely not. I've secretly been waiting for wine coolers to make a comeback and I think this might be the closest thing yet. Canned booze is having a moment and it's a fabulous thing. It's perfect for lawn parties, a day on the beach, or even for stealthy sipping in movie theaters.

This little can of happy comes in five fun flavors and with so many options you're guaranteed to find one you love.

Barefoot Refresh Wine Spritzers Laying in Ice

1. Crisp White Spritzer - First up, the Crisp White Spritzer is on the dryer side with a refreshing zesty lemon-lime fizz that pairs perfectly with movie theater popcorn. This drink is the lightest of the bubbly options and goes down the easiest.

2. Moscato Spritzer - The sweetest one of the bunch with juicy peach flavors and sweet tangerine notes, this fun option reminds me of the fuzzy navel wine coolers I used to steal out my mom's fridge in the 90s. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Pair this sweet treat with a charbroiled grilled hot dog at your neighborhood summer BBQ.

3. Rosé Spritzer - Rosé and summer go hand in hand. This crisp light pomegranate and red fruit-flavored spritzer is an excellent choice for drinking on a hot day at the beach or with a cold pasta salad dish (your kids' cold macaroni and cheese leftovers count).

4. Red Sangria Spritzer - Craving sangria but too exhausted from being your kid's personal chauffeur this summer to create your own? Just pour the Red Sangria Spritzer with berry and citrus notes over ice, toss in a slice of orange and boom, you're fancy.

5. Summer Red Spritzer - Love lambrusco but love getting a bargain more? Try this lovely wine. Light and zesty with sweet raspberry notes, this spritzer is the fanciest of the group. Pass it off as a Dr. Pepper at your kids 5th baseball game of the day.

These little mommy savers are $8 for a four-pack and each can is 9% alcohol. What sounds better than that? Feel free to indulge moms, these little guys are easy sipping and are even easier on the wallet.