We talked cereal, motherhood, and cold pizza with lifestyle guru and former star of The Hills Lauren Conrad.  
Lauren Conrad cereal
Credit: Jenna Helwig

Full disclosure: I am a cereal junkie. I grew up eating cereal for breakfast every day and often for an after-school snack. One of my earliest culinary memories is my dad blowing my mind when he mixed multiple cereals together, and I basically survived college on a combination of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch and diet Pepsi. (Not at the same time. Nevertheless, I don’t recommend it.)

So I was basically in heaven when I met up with Lauren Conrad at the brand-new Kellogg’s Café in New York City. Visitors at the café can concoct their own creative bowls with cereal varieties, toppings, and flavored milks or order from a set menu of over-the-top combinations that include a PB&J Bowl and a Bananas Foster Bowl.

Lauren Conrad cereal
Credit: Jenna Helwig

Lauren created a few recipes for the café including Make Me Blush (Rice Krispies, strawberries, champagne gummy bears, and strawberry milk—YUM), Nutty Parfait (Raisin Bran, Cracklin’ Oat Bran Crumble, Dried Cranberries, Toasted Peanuts, and Peanut Butter Chips), and Apple Pie (Apple Jacks, Cinnamon-Roasted Apples, Salted Caramel, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart Crumble). When I wasn’t sampling her killer cereal bowls, Lauren and I talked breakfast and how her morning routine has changed since her son Liam was born in July.

Parents: What does breakfast look like on a normal day for you?

Lauren Conrad: I either eat cereal or oatmeal every morning. I do it quickly and early.

Parents: Are you an early riser?

LC: I am now! I’m usually just trying to eat breakfast really quickly before he’s up. I rarely cook anything for myself for breakfast anymore. My go to is Rice Krispies with strawberries.

Parents: Are you a coffee drinker?

LC: Most of my pregnancy I didn’t want coffee, and now I’m in love with it again. It’s very important to me. I go straight to coffee in the morning. (RELATED VIDEO: Lauren's Pregnancy Confessions)

Parents: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten for breakfast?

LC: Probably cold Chinese food.

Parents: What about cold pizza?

LC: I don’t think that’s strange. I think a lot of people do that.

Parents: I don’t like it.

LC: What?? Cold pizza is delicious! I’m into cold pizza. There are some foods like cold pizza or cold Chinese food that I’m fine with. I’m normally think things should be served at the appropriate temperature, but for some reason those two don’t bother me.

Parents: Let’s flash forward three or four years. Liam is going off to pre-school. What is he eating for breakfast?

LC: I have no idea! I’m just so focused on him being a tiny little baby right now and trying to enjoy that. I will say though, I grew up on Rice Krispies. So maybe that.

Parents: Visiting the Kellogg’s Café in New York would be awesome, but how can people recreate the experience if they live far away?

LC: I feel like people are having fun with DIY “bars” at home, whether it’s for a kids party or even a taco bar at dinner. So, yes, you could absolutely set up a cereal bar at home too.

The next time my daughter has a sleepover that’s my plan. I’ll set out a few cereals, some toppings, and maybe even a few different flavors of milk. I’m sure Lauren Conrad would agree, that will be a breakfast to remember.

Jenna Helwig is the senior food editor at Parents. Follow her on Instagram.