After tasting these "drafts" we don't want to consume juice any other way. Who knew coconut cream would be the perfect addition to a classic recipe?

Courtesy of La Colombe

Between soccer practice carpools, doctors’ appointments, grocery store runs, and all the other parenting to-dos that consume one’s everyday schedule, stopping for coffee is often a crucial part of the mix. Of course, the minute you step inside any cafe, the attention quickly shifts from your dire need for caffeine to all the sugary drinks and pastries your kids won’t stop begging for—until now. Fan favorite coffee house La Colombe is offering a new line of juices that make saying yes to your kid’s cravings easy. This isn’t your average juice box.

Your kids are never going to believe they are sippin’ on a parent-approved juice. Available in two flavors, Draft Lemonade and Draft Orange, these refreshing 90 calorie cans are made with a touch of coconut cream that adds a frothy feel—hence the draft part. We have never tasted anything like it before.

The juices—rolling out nationwide this month and into July —should still be considered a treat for kids, but they are lower in sugar than other juice blends without compromising on sweetness. Their flavor profiles reign true to classic lemonade and orange juices while avoiding an overly tart sensation. Silky and smooth is the best way to describe both options.

Thankfully, high-quality doesn’t mean budget-breaking—each can will cost you $4. Not the cheapest, but we've definitely seen pricier options on the market.

Say goodbye to the pastry shop mom-guilt. We can only hope adulting just got a little bit easier



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