Amazon now offers JELL-O molds and edible stickers that turn dessert into an ocean, a construction site, or a jungle just waiting to be played with.

By Lauren Pardee
July 05, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of JELL-O

Mark this day in history—kids are now being encouraged to play with their food and they have JELL-O to thank. No surprises here the iconic brand has always been a fan-favorite amongst little ones, even more so now that kids can design their own jiggly, edible toys (with some help from mom or dad) in honor of JELL-O’s new line, JELL-O Play.

Honestly, for any parents down for a spiked JELL-O Play after dark—this sounds too fun not to adult-ify.

Ideal for kids ages 4-12, JELL-O Play offers a Construction kit (containing two building block molds, two top trays, lemon gelatin, and berry blue gelatin), Edible Mud (which contains chocolate instant pudding mix and eight edible stickers), Edible Sand (which contains vanilla instant pudding mix and eight edible stickers), a Jungle kit (with lemon gelatin and four animal cutters), an Ocean kit (containing lemon gelatin, lime gelatin, two building block mods, and two top trays), and a Sky mold (with berry blue gelatin and four high-flying cutters). There should be no lack of imagination with recourses like this—JELL-O really covered all play scenarios, and we’re impressed to say the least.

You can order all JELL-O Play sets off of Amazon anywhere between $6.99-$13.97. The best part is, once you have the molds, all you need to do is pick up normal JELL-O packs in your favorite flavors, which are as cheap as desserts get. These sets are also available at select Target and HEB stores.

In addition, keep your eyes out for limited-edition Jurassic World JELL-O Play sets which offer a Rescue build and eat kit and an Escape build and eat kit.

Not sure how any brand can top this in the eyes of a kid, us adults even want in. JELL-O Play definitely makes up for that time we ate grandma’s favorite JELL-O fruit cake and swore the dessert off altogether. It’s easy to forget that disaster when you’re embarking in a tasty JELL-O jungle.


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