By Brooke Bunce
April 20, 2015
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You might recognize Haylie Duff from her established acting career in both films and TV (and maybe from her famous younger sis, too)—but she's pretty talented in the kitchen, as well. And now she's cooking for two!

Haylie has amassed a following as the author of her popular blog The Real Girl's Kitchen, and hosts a show of the same name on Cooking Channel (which will premiere a new season Saturday, April 25 at 1 p.m. ET!). Her Texas background melds with her California lifestyle to serve up a mix of cozy, homestyle meals and lighter, fresher fare. On her show, Haylie documents her adventures around New York and LA. Plus, she showcases her culinary chops with easy recipe tutorials.

In true millennial mom fashion, Haylie announced her pregnancy in early December via Instagram and a blog post. With the arrival of her little girl quickly approaching, we chatted with the mom-to-be about her pregnancy, her recent baby shower, and how she deals with unpredictable cravings.

P: How did you start cooking?

HD: I grew up in a Texas family that loved to cook. Then, as a young adult I decided it was time I learn to whip up a couple dishes, and I fell in love with my kitchen!

P: Do you find that it's tougher to find motivation to cook during pregnancy?

HD: Motivation, no, because you are always hungry! But sometimes being on your feet too long in the kitchen is a bummer. I was very lucky to not get hit with morning sickness so I still got to enjoy my favorite meals while I was pregnant.

P: Are there certain foods you just can't get enough of right now?

HD: Fruit! I have craved tangerines my whole pregnancy. And pizza...

P: Your recent blog about Green Enchiladas mentioned that you've been craving Mexican food lately. What are some of your favorite healthy dishes?

HD: I love to make quinoa salads and keep them in the fridge. Then you always have something healthy to snack on. I do the same with turkey chili!

P: Is season 2 of Real Girl's Kitchen going to incorporate pregnancy wellness or preparing for baby? What can viewers expect for the new season?

HD: We didn't really highlight my pregnancy because the episodes sometimes air out of order and I didn't look pregnant in the beginning. I just finished shooting a summer special for Cooking Channel that is all about baby!

P: Have you been getting any pregnancy advice from your sister Hilary?

HD: Not really pregnancy advice as much as the world's cutest wardrobe! She is so excited to be an aunt to a little girl. It was so cute, when I first found out I was pregnant I asked my nephew what he hoped the baby was and he said "a girl!" So everyone is pretty pumped.

P: You focus a lot on healthy, whole foods. How has that been a priority for you during pregnancy?

In the beginning of my pregnancy I just wanted lighter food. I craved green smoothies, fruit and salads. As I got more pregnant I wanted naughtier foods!

P: What is the weirdest thing you've craved during pregnancy?

I ate tacos for breakfast one day—that is a bit out of character for me!

P: How have you readers helped you through the pregnancy process? Do you find yourself asking them for any tips?

It has been really fun to go through pregnancy with the readers of Real Girls Kitchen. We commiserate, share tips or simply share excitement! It is nice to feel everyone's love and support!

The Real Girl's Kitchen will be premiering for season two on Saturday, April 25th at 1pm on Cooking Channel.

Photo by Yoni Goldberg.

Brooke Bunce is an editorial assistant at Parents and loves to binge-watch cooking shows when she has access to cable television. You can follow her on Twitter.