In honor of the women who didn't lack spice in their lives. 

Golden Girls Hot Sauce
Credit: Courtesy of Always Fit

What better way to memorialize some of the sauciest characters in the history of television than with a line of hot sauce? That’s right—we are talking about our beloved Golden Girls, and now you can purchase your very own hot sauces starring the original girl gang.

Can you handle the jalapeño zing that is the “Bea Spicy” sauce for Beatrice Arthur’s character Dorothy Zbornak, or the “Desert Rose” sauce in honor of Rose Nylund, played by Betty White? You can even bring the fire with a habanero hot sauce courtesy of “Sicilian Fire” aka Estelle Getty’s character, Sophia Petrillo or Rue McClanahan’s Blanche Devereaux featured on the “Hot Slut” bottle.

Just like Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, these hot sauces can only be found in a pack of four and you can get them from Always Fit for just $32.

Expect a strong heat from “Sicilian Fire” and “Hot Slut” which are made with habanero peppers, carrot puree, garlic, and spices, while “Desert Rose” and “Bea Spicy” are the best options for a lower heat rating.

There is no better way to say, “thank you for being a friend,” to your girl squad than with the Golden Girls Hot Sauce collection. It truly is a classic.