Located in the theme park's Magic Kingdom, this vibrant, key lime dessert looks so good we're convinced it's made of, "faith, and trust, and pixie dust."

By Lauren Pardee
July 06, 2018

It seems like every single day Disney theme parks release a new—I must drop everything and book a flight because I need to try this or I’m going to die—food item, and we truly can’t keep up. Disney’s menus are all distracting making rides and mascots a thing of the past—we are all about eating our way through the parks these days. With that being said, here is a new item to add to your running list: The Peter Pan ice cream float. This vibrant dessert is what we like to call a drop mic moment.

We promise you have never tried a crazy concoction like this before. The Peter Pan ice cream float starts off with a key lime soft serve ice cream base swirled to perfection. Here is the real kicker—they then add Sprite for the float element of the dessert. The gorgeous, refreshing treat is topped off with a fun, chocolate, feather-shaped garnish in the color red for namesake purposes. And, voilà yet another masterpiece if we do say so ourselves.

Make sure to annotate your list of must-eats with location notes for efficiency purposes, of course. The Peter Pan ice cream float can be found in the Magic Kingdom area of Disney World, at Storybook Treats in the fantasy land section, according to The Disney Food Blog.

This funky Disney delicacy is only $5.49—which isn’t too bad considering everything else at the parks are somewhat overpriced.

What a way to celebrate the 65 anniversary of Peter Pan the movie which was first released in 1953. This treat truly encaptures the youthful energy of the film. Now all these floats need are some pixie dust and a spoon because we’ve done enough talking—lets eat.


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