Diet Coke Undergoes Re-Brand to Attract Millennials in 2018

"Diet Coke, because it's fizzing delicious."

2018 is over the classics—this year’s reining theme is progression, and iconic American beverage Diet Coke is wasting no time in joining the bandwagon. In hopes of feeding millennial’s thirst for all things bold, exciting, and new, the company has launched a major rebrand offering four new flavors while giving their recognizable packaging a sleek facelift.

Introducing: Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, and Feisty Cherry—the latest flavors to join Diet Coke’s signature recipe. The taller, slimmer cans (which still hold 12-ounces of zero calorie goodness) are now sporting a flavor-hinting stripe of color which highlights Diet Coke’s logo along with a fruity graphic. Coca-Cola’s attempt at fitting in with the “it” crowd hardly ends there.

Each flavor is accompanied by a new catchphrase which eerily resembles a generational gap between boomers and millennials. “Diet Coke Zesty Bold Orange, because zesty is besty,” reads. The ads continue, “Diet Coke Ginger Lime, because ginger and lime are friends.”

Craig Barrett/Getty

Turns out the changes are the result of Diet Coke’s declining sales, while competitors like Sprite, coffee, and tea sales continue to grow, according to Financial Times.

For those wondering why cherry and lime are considered new flavors, it’s because Coca-Cola “cranked up the volume” adding to their original recipes. According to, the new feisty cherry flavor packs a spicier punch compared to the pre-existing cherry flavor while the lime was improved with the fresh crisp taste of ginger.

Not a fan of change? You can still purchase the original Diet Coke lime and Diet Coke cherry on Amazon, Amazon Fresh, and Peapod.

There is one thing that will always remain the same—when asked if Coca-Cola changed their original Diet Coke recipe post-rebrand, the company responded with, “Absolutely, positively no. Look: we don't disrespect our fandom. We cherish it. Heck, you inspire us. It's why we've got a refreshing new look. And flavors. And everything else. So, thanks for that.”

How conversational of you Coca-Cola, let’s see if this down with the cool kids' approach brings the company more business. Heck, we certainly are intrigued. 


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