Be right back, plotting a Disney-themed cooking show...

Le Creuset and Disney Collab
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset

You can now buy top of the line Mickey Mouse kitchenware thanks to the collaboration of two iconic brands, Le Creuset and Disney. This line proves the real meaning of adulthood: Buying grown up necessities while staying true to our childhood obsessions. Because what it all boils down to (ha, see what I did there?) is that we are still kids at heart, right?

Before we divulge into specifics, let us warn you, cooking up classics—Disney style—doesn’t come cheap. These novelty items are a bit of a budget buster, but you get what you pay for.

Mickey Mouse Round Dutch Oven
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset 

The Mickey Mouse Round Dutch Oven is stunning in an ombre red, wrapped in the silhouette of the character himself, topped with an elegant Mickey Mouse stainless steel knob. Suitable for both stovetop and oven use, this culinary work of art is perfect for maintaining even and consistent heat. The exterior enamel is shock-resistant to prevent chipping and cracking—long story short, you’ve made a quality investment at $350. (We tried to cushion the blow for you.)

Mickey Mouse Ramekins
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset

A $50 purchase may be more in your price range, and for that you can get a set of two Mickey Mouse Ramekins. With a nearly-nonstick glaze that protects from all chips, scratches, and stains, the adorable ramekins come in two colors—red and black.

That may be all for Mickey Mouse but you can also shop Le Creuset’s Beauty and the Beast cookware and their Snow White line exclusively at Williams Sonoma, Le Creuset stores, and on Le Creuset's site.

Who would have thought we would be willing to pay so much for kitchen supplies that don a cartoon rodent? You can’t put a price on happiness right…or maybe we just did? Anyone craving ratatouille?