Together Time

Teaching kids about responsibility doesn't have to be a chore. Here, expert-approved ways to have fun -- and teach them a thing or two.

Helping with Lunch

How Kids Can Help Make Lunch

boy packing lunchbox StockDisc

Get the kids involved with making their lunch -- you'll save time and teach them important skills.

Let's Do Lunch

Whipped cream cheese and fresh blueberries Paula Hible

9 yummy sandwich ideas that go way beyond baloney.

Stress-Proof Your Morning

boy waving to mother tockDisc

Tips to avoid the morning mayhem -- and save time all day long.

8 Power Snacks

Ants on a log

These energy-boosting snacks are kid-friendly and healthy -- perfect for after school!

Cleanup Time

How Kids Can Help Clean

boy cleaning Shannon Greer

Kids can help with simple cleanup tasks -- which not only lightens your load, but also lets you spend more time together.

De-Germ Your Home

woman cleaning counters istock

Keep your family healthy and the house clean by going after these germ hot spots.

When Lovey Needs a Bath

Girl hugging her teddybear

Sometimes your child's cherished blanket or stuffed animal gets gross.

10 Green Cleaning Tips

woman cleaning floor

Find natural ways to make your house sparkle.

Family Philanthropy

Volunteer as a Family

mom and daughter planting tree Photodisc/ Getty

Involving your child in charity will help the community and teach her an important lesson -- and it lets you spend more time together.

10 Organizations for On-the-Go Families

girl penciling in on calendar

You can still make a difference (and teach your kids valuable lessons) even if you don't have tons of spare time. These 10 organizations cater to on-the-go families with fun kid-friendly programs.

Activity: Hold a Lemonade Stand for Charity

kids at lemonade stand istock

Help your kids make and sell lemonade and treats and then donate the proceeds to charity!

9 Ways to Teach Your Kids about Giving

mom helping daughter plant flowers iStockphoto

Discover easy ways you can show your children how to give to others.

Are You Choosing the Right Chores?

cleaning Lenora Gim

Find age-appropriate ways your kids can help out around the house.

Must-Have Car Organization Gear

Carry On Jim Franco

Check out the gear that will put an end to car clutter.

Next Up: Organizing the Garage

Gardening Supplies and Toolbox Wendell T. Webber

Make room for the cars and corral the clutter to keep the garage a family-safe place.

Birthday Party Planning Together

mom and son filling goodie bags Heather Weston

Here are fun ways that kids can get involved in planning their own parties.

    Birthday Parties Made Easy

    boy blowing out birthday candles Ted and Debbie

    Our birthday party planning tool will help you plan the ultimate bash.

    Birthday Cake Bonanza!

    Game board birthday cake	James Franco

    From a Barbie cake to a volcano that really works, we've got some super-cool cake ideas.

    Let's Do Laundry

    Find out fun ways kids as young as 5 can help you tackle that pile of laundry.

    4 Laundry Room Safety Musts

    laundry room

    Keep children safe in the laundry room with these tips.

      Keep Clothes Neater! 9 Easy Storage Solutions

      little girl in organized closet	Wendall T. Webber

      Check out some cool products that get your kid psyched to put her stuff away.

      Hamper Time!

      girl standing in messy room Mark Rose- istock

      Have trouble getting your child to put her dirty clothes in the hamper? Our tips will help make it happen.

      Recycle It

      Kids & Recycling: They Can Help!

      boy throwing can in recycle bin

      It's easy to have your family "go green" -- start with the recycling.

      Make It: Toilet Paper Tube Flowers

      Finished flower craft made from recycled materials	Josh Titus

      Have fun with another way to recycle -- by turning old TP tubes into festive flowers.

      28 Ways to Go Green

      woman washing dishes iStock

      Making small changes in your life can mean BIG difference for the environment.

      Create an Eco-Friendly Nursery

      Wooden bird mobile	Jim Franco

      Surround your baby with these natural, eco-friendly, and modern finds.

      Setting the Table

      mother and daughter sitting at the table Heather Weston

      Are your kids ready to take on this chore?

      Printable Table-Setting Place Mats

      Placemat Table Setting Printable

      These make for a fun coloring project that also teaches table-setting skills.

      Make Family Dinners a Must

      Young family eating dinner together	Ted & Debbie

      Kids who eat with their families develop the best eating habits later in life.

      The Stress-Free Dinner Hour

      woman cooking

      Can't remember the last time you had a relaxing evening? These simple strategies will turn supper into the best part of your family's day.

      Clutter Cleanup

      boy with box of toys Alexandra Grablewski

      Have toys coming out of your ears? Find easy ways to sort your child's stuff and figure out what to do with the things you no longer need.

      Printable Chore Charts

      Girl throwing trash away	Ericka McConnell

      Clutter clears more easily when your kids pull their weight. Use our age-by-age guide to find the best projects for your child.

      Cool Storage Solutions

      Medium Stuff Bucket	Wendall T. Webber

      These smart products will get your whole family psyched to put their stuff away.

      Recalled Toys to Toss

      Curious George Courtesy of CPSC

      These toys aren't safe for your kids to play with.

      Raise a Giving Kid

      Giving Gifts

      girl with a pile of presents Alexandra Grablewski

      During this hectic season, probably the last thing you want to do is take your kids holiday shopping -- major chaos! But allowing your child to pick out gifts for friends and family helps her learn to be generous and thoughtful.

      Raising Kids Who Care

      Two boys putting dishes in the dishwasher	Ted & Debbie

      These simple ideas teach your children to be nice, generous people, one good deed at a time.

      The Best Gifts for Everyone on Your List

      holiday gifts: tree in a box, sports book Ted Morrison

      What to get for teachers, babysitters, coaches? Get inspired with these great finds.

      Teaching Kids About Money

      young boy holding wallet taking out cash

      Generosity and smart spending go hand in hand. Here, the lessons you need to teach right now to raise a money-savvy child.

      Raising Thankful Kids

      Thank-You Cards

      boy writing thank you card

      Sending a card after getting a birthday present or holiday gift isn't just good manners -- it will also give your child a chance to reflect on how thoughtful his friends and family are.

        Printable Stickers!

        girl placing sticker on card

        Send a note that stands out with these appreciative stickers.

        7 Ways to Raise Grateful Kids

        two boys holing up Please and Thank you signs

        Teach your kids to use the magic words, and follow our tips to foster gratitude from an early age.

          The Cutest Baby Thank-You Cards

          Minnie and Emma thank you card

          Pregnant or a new mom again? Don't forget your own gratitude! Say thanks for all those generous baby gifts you're getting with one of these gorgeous cards.

          Caring for the Family Pet

          Kids & Pets

          Children playing with puppies

          Pets are a lot of fun -- and a lot of work. But there are great ways your kids can pitch in.

          Baby, Meet Snickers

          When your pup meets your infant, it might not be love at first sniff.

          Bite-Proof Your Pooch

          girl petting dog Alloy Photography/Veer

          Does your child know how to behave around a pet?

          Have Pet, Will Travel

          woman holding dog in pet carrier Robyn Glover

          Planning to hit the road with your four-legged friend?

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