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You play the most important role in raising a food-savvy kid. Get the know-how you need to nourish and nurture and to help them develop good eating habits for life.

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I Tried Home Chef's Skinnytaste Meals—Here's Why They're Perfect for Families Who Want to Eat Clean
This month, Home Chef and Skinnytaste are offering customers 12 different healthy options on the menu. The meals are easy, flavorful, filling, and packed with clean ingredients.
EPA Bans Pesticide That May Be Harmful to Children
The controversial chemical has been used on dozens of food crops. Here's what parents should know.
You Shouldn't Pressure Your Child To Eat New Foods, Study Says
Frustrated by your picky eaters? A new study says pressuring them to try something new (or to eat just three more bites!) doesn't help.
GMOs and Babies: What's Hiding in Your Little One's Food
Here's everything you need to know about GMOs, a buzzword in the food world—and how you can make the safest nutrition choices for your baby.
8 Signs Your Child Is Eating Too Much Salt
Eating too much salt-containing foods, even at a young age can have long-lasting effects. Here are some signs your child's getting too much at mealtime.
3 Things to Know About Baby Cereal
Many pediatricians agree that baby cereal is an ideal first food. Here’s what you should know about the mushy, soft, iron-fortified product.

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According to a new study, preschoolers who see ads for fast-food are more likely to eat it.