24 Foods to Tempt Your Picky Eater

Sweet Potato Fries
Jonny Valiant
Before you say, "My kid won't try that," find out why experts think these healthy, adventurous-sounding choices should be regulars on your family's menu.
Johnny Valiant
Johnny Valiant

When your kid turns up his nose at tomatoes, would you expect him to go for tomato soup? Or if he isn't a fan of grilled chicken, wouldn't chicken satay be out of the question? Nah. There's a 50-50 chance your kid is a picky eater, according to a new Parents survey, and experts say these kids defy logic and may be open to new dishes you instinctively rule out. To come up with unexpected foods that your fussy child might favor, we tapped a variety of experts—a taste researcher, a waiter, a school-menu planner, a flavor creator, and a preschool teacher. Serve what's on their must-try lists, and you'll expand your picky eater's palate in a few weeks. Broccoli for all!

Johnny Valiant
Johnny Valiant

The Taste Researcher's List

Marcia Pelchat, Ph.D., scientist at the Monell
Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia

stir-fried broccoli
Although soft broccoli can be mushy and smelly to kids, Dr. Pelchat's research shows that lightly saut?ed or stir-fried florets hit the right note. Sprinkle 2 cups cooked broccoli with 1/4 tsp. salt for that crunchy-salty combo kids adore without adding too much sodium.

tomato soup
Picky kids like the flavor of vitamin C-packed tomatoes, but not the squishy texture and seeds. Since tomato soup is generally lump-free and seedless, it's a great alternative. Make your own at home or pick up a reduced-sodium brand, like Amy's Light in Sodium Cream of Tomato Soup or Campbell's Healthy Request Tomato Soup. If you sense resistance, float in a few fun-shaped crackers.

fried calamari
Remain silent about squid, and pass off the dish as mini onion rings. "When I ordered this appetizer at a restaurant, my 5-year-old son swiped a piece off my plate and announced, 'This is the best onion ring I ever had,' " recalls Dr. Pelchat. Make a baked version at home to cut back on calories and fat.

pomegranate seeds
Sure, you've told your kid that fruit tastes just like candy. But pomegranate seeds actually do remind kids of sweet-and-sour candy. When pomegranate season ends next month, snag a bag of frozen seeds.

chicken satay
Meat is the usually the least offensive food group for most picky eaters, reports Dr. Pelchat. If you're having a hard time convincing your nugget-loving kid to try grilled chicken breast, cut it into chunks and put in on a stick. Be sure to cut off the pointy ends or cook on a Popsicle stick.

The Culinary Dietician's Order

Sara Haas, RDN, Chicago-based consultant, culinary dietitian, and author of Taco! Taco! Taco! & Fertility Foods Cookbook


Try slicing the cauliflower in half into a cauliflower steak to create a really fun visual alternative to cauliflower florets! Besides looking cool, you can also top these “steaks” with familiar ingredients such as tomato sauce or pesto sauce and shaved parmesan cheese to boost acceptance. If your child is still skeptical about digging into the large veggie, start smaller with cauliflower-based foods, like pizza crust or pasta (if your kid likes mac 'n' cheese, serve Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with cauliflower added to the pasta—it tastes the same as the regular stuff, but has a 1/4 cup serving of veggies). Once he likes these dishes, he'll be tempted to bite into the cauliflower steak. 


Chickpeas out of the can be bit boring, even to an adult. But once you toss them with olive oil and a little salt and pepper and roast them, well, you’ve got a snack that EVERYONE loves. Seriously pop-able, crispy, roasted chickpeas provide a fun crunch to not just snacks, but main dishes too. A fun way to add a little non-meat protein and fiber! And bonus—the flavorings are totally customizable—try using herbs, spices, and even citrus zest!

wheat berries

Try these for the kid who won’t try any other whole grain. Why? Besides their nutty, sweet flavor, they’re also really fun to eat. They literally pop in your mouth! What’s not to love!? Toss them with a yummy vinaigrette that you know your kids love along with veggies to create a great grain salad. Or add them to broth-based soups for a little fun. Or use them in place of any dish that you usually serve with rice.

Johnny Valiant
Johnny Valiant

The Waiter's Menu

Nicole Jones, server at a Japanese restaurant in New York

"I've seen kids in the restaurant make a game of popping the beans out of the pods," says Jones. At home, just lightly steam the edamame and sprinkle on a little salt.

fish with teriyaki sauce
"The kids who opt for cod or tilapia over chicken almost always do so because they like teriyaki sauce," says Jones.

tempura green beans
"Anything crispy makes kids happy," she says. At home, dip green beans in flour, eggs, and whole-grain panko bread crumbs. Place in a baking pan and spritz with canola oil. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 450?F.

veggie dumplings
These pasta-like pockets are a stealthy way to offer carrots and onions. They're easy to make with wonton wrappers.

Johnny Valiant
Johnny Valiant

The Menu Planner's Picks

Jill Patterson, R.D., nutritionist for the Chartwells School Dining Services in Newtown and Weston, Connecticut

bell peppers
Traffic-light peppers—raw red, yellow, and green strips or circles—are the most popular veggie in Patterson's school district. "The name is a big help," she says.

white pizza
Some picky eaters pass on pizza because of the chunky sauce. So Patterson created a tomato-free version with olive oil, whole-grain crust (try Rustic Crust Tuscan Six-Grain), and shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese.

Patterson's school put this fiber-packed chickpea spread on the menu as a dip and a sandwich filling. "Kids like the creaminess and mild flavor," she says.

yogurt parfait
Picky eaters don't typically like mixed textures. Yet a create-your-own parfait station with yogurt, fruit, and cereal toppings is a big hit with kids, because helping to create the food often trumps other fussiness issues.

Johnny Valiant
Johnny Valiant

The Flavor Scientist's Choices

Michelle Hagen, a flavorist for a large food- development company

coconut waffles
Shredded coconut balances the slightly bitter taste of whole grains and covers up their darker color. "I sprinkle it on whole-wheat waffles and tell my daughter, 'Let's make it snow,' " she says.

sweet-potato fries
Bake a batch of these spuds and serve ketchup on the side. Why? Kids will try new foods when they're served with something familiar.

This spice makes almost any food taste sweeter, even though it's sugar-free. Use it to entice kids to eat cooked carrots or applesauce.

Most kids love the flavor, but the texture trips them up. Start by pureeing 1/3 cup chopped pineapple into 1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt. Next time, cut up bits of fruit to stir into yogurt. Then graduate to pineapple rings.

Johnny Valiant
Johnny Valiant

The Preschool Teacher's Cheat Sheet

Diane Tunis, Head Start teacher in Silver Spring, Maryland

"The 5-year-olds in my class don't much like cooked veggies, but there are never enough cucumbers to go around," reports Tunis. Her theory: Cukes remind kids of pickles.

frozen orange juice
OJ with pulp (extra fiber!) is usually not a hit with picky kids. But if you freeze it in little cups or cartons and let it thaw for a few minutes, as Tunis does, it becomes an icy treat.

You think blah diet food. Kids think crunchy fun. Fill with low-fat cream cheese, ricotta, or hummus.

icy grapes
Picky eaters often have a texture issue with the skin of grapes, but peeling them is a pain. Plus, you'll lose a lot of the antioxidants. The solution: Pop the grapes into the freezer, and the texture transforms. (Before freezing, cut grapes in half for kids under age 4 because they can be a choking hazard.)

Gemma Comas
Gemma Comas

Picky Eating Recipes

Easy Veggie Dumplings
Wish your child would try carrots and veggies? Try this potsticker project.

Frances Janisch
Frances Janisch

Terrific Tomato Soup
This recipe has a mellow flavor and smooth texture, making it perfect for picky kids.

Bryan McCay
Bryan McCay

Cinnamon Apple Smash
Sprinkle spices on applesauce to make it more delicious and dessert-like.

Scott Little
Scott Little

Slow Cooker Asian Style Tilapia
The sweet sauce is a great way to convince picky kids to try fish.

Jonny Valiant
Jonny Valiant

Sweet Potato Fries
Your picky kids will like these as much as the regular version.

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