Making sure kids -- and adults -- eat nutritious meals has never been more important. Here are some easy ways to sneak in good foods, vitamins, and fiber without them knowing the difference.

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EPA Bans Pesticide That May Be Harmful to Children
The controversial chemical has been used on dozens of food crops. Here's what parents should know.
7 Low-Cost, Super Healthy Veggies to Add to Your Kids' Meals
Adding more vegetables to your family's diet doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are some of the most nutritious and affordable vegetables to add to your grocery list, according to experts.
Skip the Sugar Completely For Babies and Toddlers, Says New Report
For the first time, the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans will include advice for feeding babies and toddlers. A new report gives a peek at what they might include (spoiler: peanut is in, sugar is out!).
Is Grass-Fed Milk Actually Healthier?
Grass-fed milk is a rapidly growing category with a fresh-from-the-farm name that sounds worthy of superfood status. But is it, really?
How Junk Food Could Help Your Picky Eater
We’re often so focused on getting our kids to eat vegetables that we forget it’s perfectly normal to go for dishes that taste good. Here’s why you should stress less about the fries and pizza and accept that happy meals can be healthy.
What to Say to a Picky Eater
If you haven't had any luck convincing your child to try new foods, you may be doing it wrong. Here's what you should be saying to your picky eater to get them to eat.

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Frustrated by your picky eaters? A new study says pressuring them to try something new (or to eat just three more bites!) doesn't help.
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Mom Shamed for Sending Child to School With Chocolate Milk

Should a mom have been criticized for her beverage choice for her 5-year-old?