Zola Bakes' bright and sparkly rainbow cookies are taking over our Instagram feeds and they're just as delicious as they look. 

By Melissa Bykofsky
April 03, 2018
Credit: Courtesy of Samantha Zola, zolabakes.com

Long before we were sipping on unicorn frappuccinos and indulging in unicorn ice cream, one bakery staple gave us all our multi-color food fix: rainbow cookies.

But as our dessert selection began to brighten from black and white cookies to funfetti creations, the original tri-color confections were in need of a total color upgrade. Enter Zola Bakes! These rainbow cookies are just the color and taste explosion we've been waiting for. Our Instagram feeds and tastebuds are thankful they've arrived.

Founder and baker Samantha Zola is letting us all live our rainbow dreams by customizing the flavors and color combinations of each batch of cookies to order. Before re-inventing the bite-sized rainbows, she worked at bakeries such as Epicerie Boulud and Magnolia Bakery in New York, where she grew up. After moving to Miami with her husband, she decided to try her own spin on the traditional cookies and Zola Bakes was born.

"I love rainbows and everything they represent, and so naturally I love that my customers can express themselves by custom ordering the color, filling, flavor, and even decor of their rainbow cookies," Zola told Parents.com.

That's right—you don't have to stick to the raspberry or apricot jam filling of rainbow cookies' past. Zola Bakes also offers Nutella and Dulce De Leche filling. Each box comes with 20 cookies topped with dripping chocolate. If you can't decide what flavor you want, you can order an assorted box of cookies (seven raspberry, seven Nutella, and six apricot) for $40.

If you're interested in creating your own order, you can fill out an order form straight on Zolabakes.com or email info@zolabakes.com. Shipping takes three business days, and because the cookies are perishable, Zola Bakes only ships Monday through Wednesday.

Imagine: Your kid's school colors for a graduation party, blue or pink for a gender reveal party, a sprinkle-covered rainbow for your unicorn-loving little one. You'll be a shoe-in for mom of the year!

Scroll through the colorful Instagram account, and as Zola writes on her site, "try not to drool all over your keyboard."


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