Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in Four Hours

With our can’t-miss menu and minute-by-minute plan, you can get a festive meal on the table in only a little more time than it takes for the football game to finish. 

A homecooked, from-scratch Thanksgiving dinner in just four hours? Yes, it's possible! Whether it's your first time hosting the holiday or you're just one busy mama (we hear you!), this play-by-play approach to your Thanksgiving menu will have you serving up a delicious turkey with all the traditional fixings (think gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, smashed potatoes, and even dessert!) in no time—so you can spend more time with family instead of slaving over a hot stove.

Your Turkey Day Timeline

12:00 Arrange racks in upper and lower positions of the oven and preheat to 350˚F. Start prepping Apple-Cider Turkey for roasting (get the recipe).

12:30 Put Apple-Cider Turkey in the oven on lower oven rack.

12:35 Prep Chocolate-Pear Galette (get the recipe).

1:00 Put Chocolate-Pear Galette in the oven on upper rack.

1:10 Make Cranberry Grape Sauce (get the recipe).

1:40 Take Chocolate-Pear Galette out of the oven. 

2:00 Prep Herbed Fruit-and-Nut Stuffing (get the recipe).

2:25 Put Herbed Fruit-and-Nut Stuffing in the oven on upper rack.

2:30 Make Garlicky Smashed Red Potatoes (get the recipe).

3:10 Make Bacony Brussels Sprouts Slaw (get the recipe).

3:15 Remove Herbed Fruit-and-Nut Stuffing and Apple-Cider Turkey from the oven.

3:40 Make Turkey Gravy (get the recipe).

4:00 Feast!

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