Inchworm Cupcakes

Start with a funny face, then build a worm as long as you like using individual cupcakes.


Kids love worms. So they're sure to love this edible, cute and quick cake. All you need are some basic cupcakes. So the 2-1/2 inch size or even the jumbo ones if you wanna make it a colossal worm. And then for your frosting, you wanna take some regular kind of canned frosting or homemade white frosting and tint it kind of a pale green-yellow color. So, I like to actually do a few drops of green and then a couple drops of yellow to make it that perfect worm color. I'm gonna frost up one of my cupcakes and then get to the toppings. Okay. So once I've got my cake frosted, I'm going to make the head which is the next major part. I've got a little bit of yellow sprinkles here and I'm gonna just roll the edge of the cake about 2/3 of the way around in these circles. Okay, that looks good. Now let's decorate the face. I've got a little banana Runt here that we're gonna use as the mouth. And for the eyes, we're gonna bug them out a little bit. I'll take a yellow gum drop and cut it in half and then 2 of those gum drop halves, we'll take some little chocolate candies here and attach them with a little bit of frosting. So just dab a little bit of frosting in here. Okay, so now one eye is done. We'll stick that on to the cake and make our other one. I love how that makes the face just so cute. All right. Now, I've got a few little black licorice pieces here that I've already cut up into some lengths for the antennas. I wanna get some really long ones here and just stick those into the- stick them down into the cupcake for antennas right above the eyes. All right, so now that I've got my head finished, you really can get creative with the backs. So really, any number of cupcakes that you want to make this worm, you can make it really long or you can make several different inchworms depending on how many people are coming to your party. Now for this, I'm also going to kind of coat the edges and some sprinkles. Only this time, I'm going to use blue instead of yellow and I'm actually going to coat the whole edge with the sprinkles. Now that's really easy and fast. And then you can get creative with whatever kind of candies you wanna put on the top, so you can get spiky and get a lot of height or you can keep it low and mellow or a combination- whatever you'd like. Get all different kinds of colors and shapes of candy- that way, kids will really enjoy helping you make these. Okay. And then of course, the last thing to do is just arrange your worm. After you make the head, just get creative with the cupcakes that are going to make the body. You can decorate them anyway you'd like, easy, fast and fun. These little inchworm cakes make any birthday party a huge success.

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