Celebrate Halloween with these easy-to-make festive treats and ghoulish goodies.

Spooky Blueberry Smoothies

Use thick fluffy meringue batter to easily create eyes that are edible but eerie. They top tasty smoothies that are hits at Halloween parties.

Sparkling Stars

Fruit juice adds extra vitamin C to these fun, fat-free snacks. Kids love them!


A pound cake is cut into rectangles and then decorated with green frosting and candy to make these monster desserts.

Place Your Bats

Sugar cookie dough is rolled out and cut into bat shapes for this Halloween treat. A dip in chocolate gives these critters their spooky, dark appearance.

Don't Forget to Refrigerate Your Caramel Apples!

New research found that this classic treat could make you sick if it's not stored in the refrigerator.

Halloween Treats Kids Can Make

These festive Halloween treats for kids will get your family in the holiday spirit! Whether you're throwing the perfect party or looking for fun treats kids can make, these easy Halloween snack ideas will make everyone falling under their spell.

Easy and Fun Halloween Recipes

Halloween is nearly here. Get in the spirit with these easy recipes that each require less than an hour of prep time.

Halloween Party Food

Throwing a monster bash this Halloween? Keep guests (big and little) happy with our recipes for snacks fit to fuel a spooky soiree--from fall-flavor favorites to ghoulish treats.

How to Make Halloween Licorice Trees

This Halloween, turn your table into a haunted forest by crafting these candy-coated centerpieces with your kids.

Halloween Treat: Savory Owl Snack

Directions for making a cute owl snack that's made from crackers, cream cheese, almonds, and raisins.

Tricks on Sticks

Decorate these cookie and candy pops for a party favor to give each child or guest.

White-as-a-Ghost Pops

Crispy rice treats shaped into ghostly figures and coated in white make for spooky but tasty Halloween cookies.

8 Fun (& Spooky) Ideas for a Trick-or-Treating Pre-Party

Before heading out for a night of costumes and candy, host a spooky soiree with Halloween games and healthy treats you won't need to trick your kids into eating.

Halloween Treats That Aren't Sugar Bombs

Yes, of course Halloween is all about the candy. But since Halloween celebrations can last for days, especially with class parties in the mix, sometimes it makes sense to serve slightly more wholesome treats. These goodies are just as fun as the usual sugary suspects, but they will actually fill your kids up with some vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and fiber...just the fuel they need to power hours of trick-or treating.

Spooktacularly Awesome Halloween Treats

Halloween fun is easy when you have a little inspiration! That's why we've rounded up the cutest, creepiest, most awesome blogger treats we could find. Happy baking!

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

When pumpkin spice isn't enough, enjoy this perfect Fall treat with these twists!