Spooky Cute Halloween Blogger Treats

Looking for some spooky and fun Halloween treats for your little one this holiday? Here are some of our favorite festive foods from around the blogosphere. They are creepily delicious!

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Not Martha has created the perfect breakfast for your little monsters this Halloween. Orange Pumpkin Pancakes with Black Cinnamon Syrup are a tasty way to start the day.

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Not Martha uses delectable batter and syrup recipes from Noble Pig. Then, to pump up the color of pumpkin pancakes, she uses orange food coloring. Cook these festive flapjacks the same way you would their paler counterparts, but use lower heat to ensure that the color will be vibrant and the surface won't get toasted.

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Use a squeeze bottle to pipe cinnamon-sweet syrup onto a warm background.

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Get creative! Pumpkin pancakes are a tasty canvas where you can make your favorite Halloween design.

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Courtesy of Thegourmetmama.com

To make these adorable (and healthy) treats, boil some eggs to your desired degree of doneness. Carefully cut the bottom to make the ghoul look egg-stra spooky. Then use black food coloring and a wooden skewer to create ghoulish faces.

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Sweet Skull Cupcakes

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

These critters from NotMartha.org are so sweet, you won't be able to have just one. Don't worry-- just tell everyone they simply crawled away!

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Whip up a batch of your favorite boxed chocolate cake mix, fill cupcake tins with the batter, and bake according to direction. When they have cooled enough to handle, carefully remove the tops of the cakes and scoop out some of the middle to make a space for the gooey and delicious spider "guts." Fill the centers with equal parts whipped cream or vanilla pudding, and raspberry jam.

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Using a box of Pocky and some chocolate melts, assemble spider legs to bring these tasty cakes to life.

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Use a kitchen knife to cut the end of the Pocky stick shorter, so that the undipped end won't peek out of the Spider Cake.

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Use the knife to cut the Pocky at an angle in the center. Gently dip the angled cut of the Pockys in chocolate, then carefully place together and lay on parchment to set. Refrigerate them to speed the process, and you'll have perfect spider legs in no time.

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

Assemble the Spider Cakes, then dig in and enjoy! Scary critters never tasted this good.

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Courtesy of Notmartha.org

If the thought of cleaning batter out of bowls and cupcake tins doesn't appeal to you, swap in store-bought cupcakes for a Spider Cake shortcut. Simply assemble and attach the Pocky legs, and you are ready to go!

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Courtesy of Bakedbree.com

These yummy parfaits created by Baked Bree use basic kid-friendly ingredients. They're a boo-tiful finish to any meal!

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Courtesy of bakedbree.com

Gather and prepare all of the ingredients. Whip up two batches of pudding: one chocolate and one vanilla. Divide the vanilla pudding in half and use food coloring to tint it yellow and orange. You will also need Cocoa Puffs, whipped cream, candy corn, and Halloween sprinkles.

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Courtesy of Bakedbree.com

Now it's time to layer! Baked Bree filled her clear glasses in the following order:

1. Cocoa Puffs
2. Yellow pudding
3. Whipped cream
4. Candy corn mixed with Cocoa Puffs
5. Chocolate pudding
6. Orange pudding
7. Candy corn mixed with Cocoa Puffs
8. Whipped cream, sprinkles, and a few candy corn for garnish

Dig in!

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Courtesy of

These bite-size Mini Apple Bites from My Wooden Spoon are the perfect size for little mouths. Your kiddos will go crazy for these fall treats.

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Courtesy of Mywoodenspoon.com

Use a melon baller to scoop small balls out of crunchy Granny Smith apples, making sure that each ball has a section of green skin attached. Pat the apple balls dry, and insert 4-inch lollipop sticks into the center of the green section.

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Courtesy of Mywoodenspoon.com

Dip and swirl each ball into melted butterscotch chips or peanut butter chips. Roll each apple bite into Halloween candy and sprinkles, and place in festive mini muffin liners to cool. Once hardened, they are ready to feast on!

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