Find recipes for holiday treats kids will love making -- and eating -- this Christmas.

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The Holiday Food and Wine Pairing Guide for Parents Trying to Make It Through

Megan the Wine Mom is here to help you take the edge off the holidays with some festive cocktails and wines pairings for parents just trying to make it through.
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Easy Christmas Treats to Make With Kids

Cooking together is one Pinterest-inspired holiday fantasy that’s actually doable, thanks to these completely kid-friendly Christmas cookies and treats.
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Kid-Friendly Christmas Dinner Ideas

After your kids open their gifts from Santa, treat them -- and the rest of your family -- to a meal that will make their Christmas even merrier!
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Kid-Friendly Christmas Cookies Almost Too Cute to Eat

Mark the days before Santa's arrival with these adorable holiday sweets. We trimmed a lot of the baking steps so kids can get to the favorite parts—decorating and eating. Your kitchen will be overflowing with homemade treats and happy children in no time.
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7 Holiday Snacks Kids Can Make With Store-Bought Dough

Giving kids a bowl of flour and sugar = big mess. Letting them make festive snacks using a package of store-bought dough = brilliant.