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Heinz Debuts a New Condiment Called 'Mayochup' & Causes an Internet Freakout

Anyone who isn't up for mixing mayonnaise with ketchup might soon be able to reach for Heinz's new "Mayochup." The mere existence of the condiment has spurred very strong feelings on Twitter.

Heinz Debuts a New Condiment Called 'Mayochup' & Causes an Internet Freakout

Mayonnaise can be a delicious and versatile condiment, as can ketchup. Put them together, maybe with a few other key ingredients, and you've got pretty much every "secret sauce" (aka Thousand Island dressing) that was ever smeared on a burger or served alongside some fries. But pfft, who wants to have to mix ketchup and mayo themselves? Heinz must have figured there are people out there who want their go-to condiment hybrid ready to go, because they've released "Mayochup." 

There's one catch: The product is currently only available in the Middle East. But Heinz took to Twitter yesterday, April 11, to run a poll and test whether or not it would be profitable for them to bring the mashup stateside, too.

As is turns out, Americans worked tirelessly via Twitter to revolutionize the condiment world we live in now, and we did it. No longer will mayonnaise and ketchup be seperated—what a time to be alive. 

Heinz is well aware that "Mayochup" doesn't roll off the tongue or live up to the hype this product has received—again it is up to the public to rally for change.


In the meantime, Twitter users have been weighing in on the prospect with delight or disgust—or simply pointing out that kids and parents have been making the "new" condiment for ages. 

One thing's for sure: Heinz should definitely rely on parents' opinions. Since ketchup is a family staple, and sometimes the only item that will get kids to eat their dinner, they're undoubtedly a target demographic for the success or demise of "Mayochup!"