Most kids don't eat enough veggies -- and Parents wants that to change! Our Veggie Challenge series can help them learn to love these nutritious foods (yes, even the green ones).

May 27, 2015

As adults, we know veggies aren't scary (and can actually be pretty yummy!). But that can be a hard message to instill in our children. Many kids are fussy when it comes to eating these nutritious foods -- in fact, nine out of ten kids aren't getting the recommended amount of vegetables, according to the latest government reports.

Even if your child refuses to take a bite of anything green, don't give up! It's been proven that children who learn to enjoy vegetables at a young age are much more likely to continue good eating habits and stay healthy for life -- and our three-part series will give you the motivation to keep trying, along with fresh and fun ideas to help your child happily pick more produce.

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