Moms and dads opened up about the snacks, treats, and meals they wish their kids still loved.

By Maressa Brown
September 09, 2019
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From the time your little one is six months old, you're encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to introduce them to foods other than breast milk or infant formula. Every child is unique and will take a liking to different solids. Then, time goes by, and all of a sudden, you're raising a tween with a taste for anything from sushi to chips and guac. Tasty finger foods you enjoyed alongside your L.O. are as long-gone as onesies and those itty-bitty baby toes. We asked real parents to share the foods they miss having around the house to sneak a bite when the kids are no longer an easy excuse to buy.

1. Fruit Snacks

"My second went through a huge fruit snacks phase when he was 3, so we always had a stockpile of Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks in the house. They are, in fact, delicious. I kept them in a clear snack bin on a rack in the hallway, and there were many times we would have company over, and I would see adults grab a fruit snack packet or two and eat them. He's 7 now and totally over fruit snacks." — Kelly K.

2. Jarred Bananas

"I miss jarred bananas, because I ate them! My kids didn't really like them as infants, but I still would pretend they did, so I could snack on them. My kids are 7 and 8 now. Definitely can't get away with buying baby food bananas anymore!" — Robyn R.

3. Baby's First Cookies

"I miss those baby's first cookies. I've got a 2-year-old, and he ate them a lot when he was just gumming things, so he probably went through three or four per box... I ate the rest! I don't know what about them is so good. I remember sneaking them when I was younger and had baby siblings, so maybe the taste brings me back to successfully sneaking treats!" — Spencer D.

4. Cheerios

"When my girls were toddlers, they always carried Cheerios in a Ziploc bag or a toddler snack container or had it with yogurt, etc. Since it was around, I would also have it for breakfast. Now my girls are 5 and 8, and they ask for 'more fun' cereals—different types and sometimes the sugar ones, but of course, I don't always get them. I offer Cheerios, but they just look away!" — Eva P.

5. Goldfish

"My son loved rainbow Goldfish from ages 2 to 9. Also, dinosaur chicken nuggets or any sort of easy frozen nugget or chicken finger! He's 12 now and all about KIND bars, Greek yogurt, snack size bags of nuts. Thank God cheese sticks are still in! I love that he eats healthy, but it's also a wakeup call he's not a baby and wants all this protein to stay fit and gain muscle for soccer, which is great but also sad! — Christine C.

6. Yogurt Melts

"I’ve had family members with older kids ask more than once when my baby will eating the yogurt melts! Apparently that's when my baby will learn what sharing is all about." — Colleen K.

7. Pineapple Juice

"My daughter used to drink pineapple juice with water and ice in her sippy cup, and every time I walk by the carton in Trader Joe's it makes me so sad. She doesn't like it anymore. She also gets annoyed when I tell her she used to drink so much of it her pee pee smelled like Hawaii. But it's a nice memory for me!" — Becky B.

8. Happy Baby Puffs

"My son used to really like these Happy Baby puffs, and half the time I’d end up eating them all myself! He’s almost 5 now—he was prob about 2 when he was really a fan. I think they got too bland for him." — Jacqueline C.

9. Fruit and Veggie Pouches

"Fruit and veggie pouches! It was so nice when my daughters would eat a pouch for a snack. I’d feel good about it, because it’s made of organic fruit and vegetables. They are so easy, inexpensive, and portable! But now, my daughters are 5 and 2.5, so they are over the pouches." — Caitlin D.

10. Avocados

"Avocados! They ate them constantly from birth through about age 2. Now? Maybe they'll have guacamole, but they won't just sit and eat avocados. They also used to love eating raw lemons." — Alyssa W.

11. Baby Food

"I used to make my sons' baby food. I LOVED how the house smelled, when I was roasting butternut squash. They're 9 and 5 now, and neither of them really like it anymore." — Elena M.

"I shamelessly ate all the Gerber baby fruit pap the family and friends sent over. I fed him only the food I made cause I went with the organic, fresh food no added sugars.. blah blah.. I just couldn't resist myself!! What is in that stuff? and why does it taste so much better than the one I made him? I even tried the peach flavor with tequila once... AMAZING!" — Buddhanjali G.

12. String Cheese

"I'm actually disappointed my kids eat pretty much everything in their lunch boxes these days. I didn't realize how much I looked forward to my afternoon snack of rejected string cheese and squished blueberries!" — Gail C.

13. Puffs

"Puffs! My daughter absolutely loved them until she was about a year old. She probably still would, but we don't buy them. She is now 2. They were an easy and delicious little snack and nearly no calories!" — Victoria D.

We feel ya, folks. And hey, if you really want those kiddie snacks, they're still out there. No one's judging you if you still pop them into your cart.



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